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E11.How To Attract Your Perfect Customer And Come Together In A Happy Ending (With The Avatar Backstories Process)

How To Attract Your Perfect Customer And Come Together For A Happy Ending (With The Avatar Backstories Process)


This is the fifth email in the Action Guide Sequence and a very important one at that. This is where the rubber really hits the road and finally – yes finally – we begin to lay out a clear path that leads towards our first Tripwire sale: The Complete Customer Avatar Workbook.

However, this email is only sent if the preceding email four and its accompanying Action Guide (featuring the first ‘light’ mention of this Tripwire) didn’t tempt our subscriber to the Landing Page for a sale. Whereas the first part of this two-pronged approach was something of a pre-amble, now it’s time to get a bit more serious, bring out the big guns and hopefully – move things further towards sealing the deal. This ‘Part Two’ email builds on Part One by introducing an extra process that can help us get greater understanding of our ‘perfect customer’s’ buying journey.

If you click through to the Action Guide you should also notice it’s – intentionally – quite a bit longer than the preceding Action Guide posts. That’s because,  we now need to convince our subscriber that the next step is worth splashing a little cash for. That means this next Action Guide is actually more of a  Blog Post/Sales Page hybrid (whadda ya mean, that’s not even a thing?!): the format is similar to a value-driven blog post; it builds upon the new processes introduced in the email; gives examples of how they work, but also pushes things along with problems, agitations, benefits and the solution of course – purchasing the Complete Workbook – that you’d normally expect to see on a sales page.

But to be clear: the click we’re pushing for in this email is not the actual sales page. It is, I believe – hope – a more palatable, valuable (enjoyable even) ‘warm up’ that also uses many conversion copywriting conventions to push its one clear purpose: get a click-thru to the actual sales page.

But even if this doesn’t do the trick, we’re not giving up yet – oh no – Tripwire 2 is on its way soon!

To attract your perfect customer and lead them towards a ‘happy ending’ for you both, you must develop a deeper understanding of all their decisions making processes at every stage along the way.

The following email explains how…



Once Upon A Time

Everyone likes a happy ending, right?

And why is that?

Well, one thing many classic stories have in common is the hero-arc of carefully plotted challenges, struggles and dragons to be slain.

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy faces the storm in Kansas (black & white)

These journeys serve an important purpose of course – no pain, no gain – but ultimately we want to see our hero’s efforts rewarded; we want to see their trials and tribulations brought to a close in a neat and satisfying way; we want the nice, warm, fuzzy feelings you get when life’s difficulties are overcome; and we want the reassurance that everything will be alright in the end.

And it will, won’t it?

Won’t it??

Of course, it will.

You can trust me.

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Big scary Wizard appears.

After all, I am a Wizard!


First Things First

And so in Today’s ‘Magical’ Action Guide, I’d like to show you that while it may be true every Avatar begins life in a pretty mundane way; gathering together the all-important demographics, traits, drivers and aspirations – as covered in my last email – it’s also true that any B-list black & white Avatar can be quite easily transformed into an A-list technicolour movie star, just as long as there’s a clear road to follow…

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy take first tentative steps on the yellow brick road.

** Cue theme song >> **

And the bricks that make up this particular road are the deeper insights and understanding you can glean, from creating a ‘prequel’ that delves into your hero’s backstories.


There Are Two Sides To Every Story

Let me explain…

In our multi-media world the ‘story’, is only half the story. We only have access to the full story, if the story creators (or ‘owners’) choose to pull back the curtain and give us a glimpse of how the magic is made.

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Curtain opens to reveal "Wizard" at the controls

In the making of a film for example, the majority of the production team have their minds, eyes and ears on all the technical stuff, the stuff the audience only get to see if they check out the DVD extras (am I showing my age again?).

And a Funnel works in a similar way. As the director, you’re in charge of all the technical stuff of course, but it’s also important you get the casting right too, which means the hero of your Funnel story should always, of course, be: your customer.

For the story to be credible, to inspire action and to deliver a satisfying conclusion, you have to understand not only what set your hero on this path, but also, really understand their complete journey from their point of view: their ups and downs; their comparisons and considerations; and all their doubts and decisions along the way.

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy look worried (black & white)

Ultimately, there’ll be no satisfying conclusion for you or your customer, until all is overcome and they find the golden key to their own magical kingdom. So, when you make them the hero of your story (your funnel), you also have the opportunity to become the hero of their story (by delivering their long sought after resolution), which in turn leads to a happy ever after for everyone.

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy, Tin man & Lion laugh happily.

Unless there’s a sequel of course.

Whether you’re a multi-tasking solo-auteur or you head a team of mega-talent, to create a convincing fully-formed Protagonist; to bring their story to life in 3-dimensional cinemascoped technicolour; and to finally come together for that happy ending…

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy says "There's no place like home".

… you and your team; the director, writers and producers need to understand the drives, desires and dreams that underpin the decisions your customer takes at every stage of your Funnel.

And that’s where the Customer backstories process comes in, because it’s the backstories that will give you an edge and it’s the backstories that can transform an Average Avatar into an Awesome Avatar.

And you so you won’t be needing no magic wand…

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Good Witch waves magic wand over Dorothy's head.


The Good News Bit

Today’s Action Guide will help ensure that once you’re ready to roll, the board is clapped and you shout Action!

… you’ll know and understand what makes your Customer tick well enough to confidently lead them through your Funnel towards that all-important happy-ever-after in the most natural and comfortable way.

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy leads the Munckins on a dance doen the yellow brick road.


The Important Bit

But the important point is this: once you have the backstories process in your Funnel toolbox, you’ll always be much, much clearer on what you need to say and when you need to say it, which in turn will make the journey seem a lot less ‘eventful’ for everyone.

It’s all in the timing see…

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Wicked Witch hold up large egg timer and says "You see that? Thats how much longer youve got to be alive! And it isnt long my pretty!


The More Good News Bit

These processes aren’t rocket science.

Which means it shouldn’t take long to get your backstories together, which in turn means these processes have the power to compound your ROI many times over.

To find out more, simply click the following link and check out today’s Action Guide:

How To Transform An Average Avatar Into An Awesome Avatar With Customer Backstories

Here we’ll dig deeper into the actual process, so I can show you exactly how it’s done with the aid of a seriously sassy, but slightly scary President Trump and a seriously silly, but highly sceptical John Cleese.

Enjoy the trip,




PS: Clickety, click…


Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy Clicks her ruby slipper heels together

Remember, every click costs you time or money.

Every click is an opportunity or an opportunity loss.

So, every click can also be an asset or a liability.

So, which will it be?

To alleviate the negative and accentuate the positive, get the right clicks and save you a whole load of time, money and headspace, you need to understand what will actually connect with the clicker.

The way to get more personal, more specific and more in-tune with your ‘best’ potential clickers; to find the ones with the least resistance to you; the ones that are ready, willing, and able to take up your offer and love what you do, is to – you guessed it – understand their backstories.

And the Customer Avatar Backstories Process in the Complete Awesome Avatar Workbook will help you do exactly that.

Dig Deeper With Today’s Action Guide Here

Level 1 of The Bulletproof Funnel Framework and this 5 part set of Foundational Funnel Action Guides is now almost complete…

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Dorothy & gand see Oz and proclaim "we're almost there!"

Look out for the final part: How To Draft Your Value Proposition & Marketing Messages arriving in your inbox, in the next few days or so. Here I’ll explain why quick, clear connection is core to creating a good first impression (and keeping your bounce rate down), and I’ll also give you the eight crucial building blocks that can help you create a simple, clear, succinct Value Proposition Statement that will do exactly that.

But until then, don’t forget to…

Wizard Of Oz Gif: Indecisive Scarecrow noddes his head, the shakes his head (on loop).

Check Out Todays Action Guide Here


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