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E06. How To Build Your Funnel On Strong Foundations

How To Build Your Funnel On Strong Foundations (And Why ClickFunnels Won’t Help You Do That)…



This is the second email in the alternative Bulletproof Funnel Framework Intro Sequence, sent to those who’s ‘first touch’ was via a Tripwire Purchase rather than subscribing via a Free Lead Magnet. This second email is only sent if the subscriber didn’t take the bait and download the Level 1 Blueprint after the first email. So again, this is a second chance to get them to do, what you want them to do. You may notice this email is very similar to one of the standard intro emails (waste not, want not),  we want to get the same ideas across, but the big difference, is the big final push for the download (which will then trigger the Action Guide sequence) and then they can begin to, yup… [**keyword crowbar alert**] “build their funnel on strong foundations”.


Are you ready for some tough love?

The reason I ask is that when it comes to building an Online Sales Funnel, words like “simple, quick and easy” often get bandied about by the “I’m crushing it!” brigade, simply because that’s what most people like to believe. It’s natural, it’s understandable, but it’s also…

A little naive.

Of course, as an entrepreneur you’re probably not most people, so – unless you’ve been luckier than a litter of seven black cats – I probably don’t, have to tell you, that.

So, rather than cracking on it’s all easy, peasy, lemon squeezy – only to disappoint you further down the line – I’d rather begin as we mean to go on.

And that means being straight with you about some very important things…


1. Easier Said Than Done

If someone told you building a sales funnel was quick and easy, then while not exactly lying – there are many tools and platforms to ease the technical headaches these days – what they may not have told you, is building a robust sales funnel that actually works (ie: converts well) is neither quick, nor easy.

At least, that’s not what I’ve found to be true.



2. Truth Be Told

Closer to the truth, is that it takes time, it takes persistence, and it takes patience to sort the wheat from the chaff and piece together what actually works – for you.

And what sets apart those who do succeed (Ker-ching!), and those who don’t is – you guessed it – COMMITMENT.

Fortunately, what commitment can – appear to – taketh in the short term, commitment can also giveth back in the long term. And so it follows, when you commit to building not just ‘any old funnel’, but an efficient, effective, robust funnel that actually does convert, it can, be the gift that keeps on giving.

If, that is…

You set it up in a way that all your – hard earned – cash doesn’t get sucked into a big black hole.

You set it up in a way that it doesn’t leak all your – hard fought for – leads all over the interweb.

You set it up in a way that it does, magnetically attract cold leads and gently warms them up, so they stick with you over the long haul.

In other words: firstly and foremostly – you set up it up in a way, that ensures it’s built on solid foundations. And that means not shortchanging yourself by going for shallow quick wins, which can easily turn into deep slow fails, once the bigger picture comes into focus.


3. What You Don’t Need

Yes, you can sign up with a platform like ClickFunnels and get yourself a – so-called – “ready-made instant funnel!”, and that’s ok – everyone likes a good hack. Do that, and it should have all the pieces you need. Do that, and it should be technically robust. Do that, and it should get you up and running, but…

It will also (as a minimum) cost you almost $1200 a year to run, and if you don’t keep your subscription up, you’re – not to put too fine a point on it – fucked. Your entire Funnel (Landing Pages, Automations, Email, Lead Magnets, Forms etc) lives and dies on one ship. You might feel like the captain, but don’t bank on getting access to the engine room if you hit an iceberg any time soon.


4. What It Won’t Do

But that’s only part of the story, because an off the shelf funnel is still an empty shell, it’s still up to you to find its soul and breathe life into it.

An off the shelf funnel won’t magically write the content you need to build awareness and bring you traffic.

An off the shelf funnel won’t do the research you need to understand your audience, enabling you to communicate the right words, to the right person, at the right time and compound your conversion rates.

And an off the shelf funnel won’t develop and build the products, the market actually needs for you.

This is where the work comes in. This is where the planning comes in. This is where the foundations come in. And so, this is where The Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 can come in, simply because… It can help you do all the really important stuff that ClickFunnels & Co won’t do.

Bottom line, building an effective, efficient, robust funnel that can last, is not for the faint-hearted; it’s not for the lazy; and it’s definitely not for anyone who still believes you can ‘Get Rich Quick” online. It is for those willing to commit, willing to dig deep, and willing to put the work in now – to reap the rewards later.


5. Are You Willing?

Assuming you are, then the first step is to make a commitment to yourself, to at least give it your best shot.

Once you Download The Level 1 Blueprint, I can help you to begin fulfilling your commitment, by simply sending you one logical step-by-step action guide, every 2-3 days or so (giving you just enough time to take action, and make steady progress). Follow through – just one steady step at a time – and you can have all your foundations firmly in place in ten days or less.

Which means, instead of going off half-cocked – resulting in more leaks to fix further down the line -you’ll get a measurable, purposeful, step-by-step process, that will deliver the momentum you need, to get you to the finishing line and claim your prize: the strongest possible foundations built from content that is really relevant, effectively connects and actually converts.


6. Action Stations!

The link to the Blueprint is below. If you click on it and download it, the Level 1 Action Guide email sequence will trigger. And that means, instead of putting it off ‘til next week, next year, next whenever you get round to it, you can be moving forward with your plans by this time tomorrow.

So are you in?


Yes, I’m In. Give Me The Free Level 1 Blueprint Thing!


Then we can begin…

Just keep a beady eye out for the next Action Guide, hitting your inbox tomorrow…

Level 1.1: Killer Core Product Action Guide

Here, we’ll dig deeper into why clearly and strategically categorising your products at each level of your funnel can help ensure a smooth, natural ascension of cold leads into hot customers with less leaks, bounces and costs.

Easy, right?

Er, quite. 😬

Until then, then.




PS: Ready to take a running jump?

The trick to avoiding overwhelm in any significant undertaking is to – once you’ve outlined your ‘big plan’ of course – not to look too far ahead. Just focus on the one job in front of you.

Jump. Complete. Repeat.

That’s it. It’s a simple idea and it’s exactly the approach I took building the BFFW. It works for me and I believe it can work for you too.

So, don’t worry about the big picture too much, just commit to getting over the first hurdle and then you’ll be on your way; building the momentum and motivation you need, to get you to the finishing line in double quick time.

Take that first running jump now, and it could turn out to be the single best decision you make today.

Did hear a Boing?


Jump Start The Action Guide Sequence By Downloading YOUR Level 1 Blueprint Now


Extras Alert!

These extra little nuggets take you under the bonnet, to reveal the inner workings of the Funnel you’re in. Meaning; more tips, tricks and tools to put into practice in your own Funnel.


The core of my entire Funnel is built using just three – crucially separate – platforms, that give me the flexibility to control my own ship (with added diversification to protect my precious cargo), I’m not locked in, and I save a shitload of money…

I use:

1. Thrive Architect for Landing Pages & Forms (From $67 a Year)
2. Active Campaign for Email Automation (From $204 a year)+
3. Visme for PDF, Slide & Animation Design (From $144 a year)+

And my hosting costs $50 a year.

Total: $465

Saving: $735

+Available on a monthly a flexible subscription to boot.

Oh, and ClickFunnels doesn’t do the design stuff, so you could, for a more accurate comparison, say the total is just $321 – but let’s not quibble.


Bonus Time?

If you’re interested in how the automation for this Introduction sequence works, there’s an Extra Bonus PDF for you on the Level 1 Download Page Here.

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