Q: Why Is This An Awesome Avatar Workbook?

A: Because, It's a consistent and effective fast-track path to a deeper, clearer understanding of your potential customers thoughts, feelings, drives and desires.

And that leads to more relevant copy that really connects and actually converts.


Don't do the steep learning and the head-scratching thing.

Do do the simple and efficient time-saving thing.

Did I hear a HOW

With a thing that naturally and intuitively aids the creation of a rich, multi-layered picture of your target customer...


  • Demographics – the obvious but essential nuts and bolts that define your customers everyday experience, also provide the basic DNA to build a picture of real person, in a real world with real issues you can relate to. Not saying you have a God-complex or anything.
  • Traits – builds on the basics to tease out the values, attitudes and beliefs of a character, you can more effectively understand and relevantly respond to. Like one of those trendy young Vicars - possibly.
  • Cores – are your opportunity to channel your inner Dear Deirdre and dig into your customers most relevant problems, pains and challenges, so you can help them soothe, resolve or overcome them. No wonder they love you.
  • Aspirations – are where you get to go all Mystic Meg and ponder their dreams, desires and drivers, and appreciate why they do what they do. And how that should, would, could affect yoo-hoo.

What you get...

The workbook is split into three user-friendly parts, each building upon the last to develop a deeper, more fully rounded sense of exactly who you're aiming to sell to, what they care about and why.

Part 1: The Questions - A set of four points-based checklists gives a quick snapshot of what you do know, and what you don't know (about your target customer), so you can prepare the ground - pop on your pumps - and hit it running.

Part 2: The Answers – Is a deceptively simple format that naturally and logically guides you through its four sections, and naturally cajoles you to  ‘fill in’ what you discover as you go, forming the backbone of your Avatar reference document.

Part 3: The Stories – A secret sauce that transforms an Average Avatar into an Awesome Avatar, by helping you weave together "all you now know" into a series of highly relevant Customer Backstories.

This – most importantly - adds context to the decision making and buying process, revealing deeper, richer more relevant insight, so you can communicate the right things, in the right way, at the right time, at every stage of your Funnel.

All for just £7.99?

Awesome Avatar Batman!

Batman (Adam west" dances for joy

And there's more....

A self-contained all-in-one format means... 

Tada! The process becomes the product, so: you can forget the ins and outs of formats and files, or time spent and wasted searching, collating, printing and stapling. It's all together; in one place; in one format; when you need it and where you left it.


The fillable PDF format (it's editable-saveable-reusable see) means...

You can work through each part of the workbook using any PDF viewer and fill in the answers as you go. 

You can complete, save, update or re-boot; as and when you need to, and every Avatar will display in a consistent format on every OS, so all your team are – quite literally – on the same page.

You can then repeat this process and create new Avatars every time you bring a new product or service to market.


There's no need to be a bimbo stuck in limbo. You can skip the head scratching and second guessing. 


This super-simple-user-friendly-workbook can quickly help you gather together all you need to know about your target customer, and deliver a solid starting point for your copy (or your copywriter) in just one hour from now.

Did I hear a WOW

And It's Only £7.99?

Surely, you can't be serious!

I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

So For More Copy & Conversion POW...

Successful entrepreneurs don't wait for the perfect moment - they create it” 
- Richard Branson

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