The Squeeze Page Quick Win Action Guide: 5 simple ways to get your squeeze page connecting & converting sooner rather than later.

How To Fix A Squeeze Page That’s Failing – Fast (Quick Win Action Guide)

Squeeze Page Quick Win Action Guide

The objective of this Action Guide is to highlight one ‘quick win' for each of the 5 core sections of a conversion optimised Squeeze Page. These are the actions that offer the most 'bang-for-your-buck' in the least amount of time and can get you an a path to a Squeeze Page that effectively connects and actually converts without delay.

Having said that...

Urgh. Where do I start?

Gif of tired child having emotional tantrum

You know that feeling right? That feeling when you have something you know you need to do, but for one reason or another (time, resources, procrastination, overwhelm, binge-watching) it just never seems to get done?

Perhaps you’ve also had the sinking feeling that your list building quest isn’t quite working and have begun to ask if it’s even worth it?

Double Urgh.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve been there and I feel your pain - triple urgh - it's not for me to tell you what to do, only what I would do if I were you.

And what I would do, is simply to begin by asking myself:

 “What actions can I take that will give me the most bang for my buck and move the needle towards a quick win that will get things moving again?”

The good news is, when it comes to optimising a Landing or Squeeze Page: small changes can have a big impact . And because a big impact change is the ideal ‘quick win’ - if you really want to get moving; if you really want to get the wheels in motion and if you really want to kick start some momentum: going for a quick win is the smart place to begin.

Landing page optimization isn’t actually about optimizing landing pages, it’s about optimizing decisions. And increasing conversions isn’t about making radical changes – it’s about making the right changes.
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 The Conversion Viking

Which is where this Squeeze Page Quick Win Action Guide comes in…

Each quick win has the potential to take you one step closer to the kind of evergreen resource that can deliver exponential results (in the form of more conversions, subscribers and many more customers down the line) for years to come.

But of course, only if you make a start.

Obviously Awesome. How to nail product positioning so customers get it. Buy it. Love it.

When customers encounter a product they have never seen before, they will look for contextual clues to help them figure out what it is, who it’s for and why they should care. Taken together, the messaging, pricing, features, branding, partners and customers create context and set the scene for the product....

In First Steps To Squeeze Page That Converts - a free introductory guide to Squeeze Page optimisation best practices and 5-part checklist set - we introduced the five core sections of a conversion optimised Squeeze Page as...

So we begin quite naturally with, drum roll please…

Quick Win Action 1: The Value Proposition (Heading & Intro) Problem-Solution-Benefit Formula

An effective Value Proposition draws upon your target customers thoughts, feelings, drives and desires to inform messaging that quickly connects; because it speaks to them, about them, in a way they can clearly understand. If you utilise this message in your Heading and Intro to ensure it’s the very first thing they read and if it does it’s main job, which is to connect with a “copy that”, they’ll be much more likely to read on, which means you get to buy some precious attention time and stay in the game. 

If on the other hand, it’s not crystal clear exactly what the page is about and why it might be worth their precious time, your hard-fought-for visitor will simply move on to pastures new, probably a competitor - which is a big boo-hoo for you.

The - not so big - secret to creating an effective Value Proposition with your Heading & Intro is to ensure it does find a happy place where your deeds and your audience's needs meet. And one of the quickest and simplest ways to do that, is by clearly and simply acknowledging a problem, stating a solution and providing a beneficial outcome with a simple...


So, if you have a high bounce rate and your heading and intro doesn’t do that, then that’s the first thing you can potentially fix. And so...

Here’s a quick how-to...

So, what’s the PROBLEM?

A Squeeze Page That Fails To Connect Is A Squeeze Page That Fails To Convert!

Sad, but true.

So, what’s the SOLUTION?

A best practice process that helps deliver outcome-focused copy by clearly connecting your deeds with your audience’s needs?

Makes sense.

But what your visitor really cares about, of course is…

Their needs

In other words, the tangible BENEFITS to them. In this example, that might be something along the lines of...

More subscribers, more buyers and a healthier bottom line.

And so, when we put it all together - with a few minor tweaks - we can come up with something along the lines of...

A Squeeze Page That Fails To Connect Is A Squeeze Page That Fails To Convert [PROBLEM]. This best practice process helps deliver simple, outcome-focused copy that clearly connects your deeds with your audience’s needs.[SOLUTION] Which, when consistently executed over time, leads to more subscribers, more buyers and a healthier bottom line.[BENEFIT]

And if you run your ideas through The Value Proposition Checklist you can quickly ensure they’re doing what they’re supposed to do in the way that they’re supposed to do it and Bob’s your uncle; Fanny's your aunt: it's a job well done.

Of course, even the most ‘Mega Marketing Message’ won’t instantly, miraculously leak-proof a Landing Page, but a simple, clear Value Proposition can provide a little magic dust that helps set the right tone; gets you off on the right foot; and then actually, quite honestly, can do wonders for your bounce rate, simply because when a visitor comprehends exactly what your offer is and exactly why it’s relevant to them, they'll be much more inclined to listen to what else you have to say.

UX agency Fakecrow were challenged by home security platform Kuna to reduce their bounce rate and boost conversions. An overhaul of the products description and value proposition in the area above the fold was put to a three week test by the end of which, the bounce rate had improved by 31%, conversion rates increased by 66%, and sales increased by 89%.

Writer’s block?

There’s a formula for that. In fact there are many. A whole load of which are included in...

The Complete Squeeze Page Workbook, Template & Checklist Toolkit

…to help ensure you’re never stuck for words again (well at least, not for long).

5 Steps To A Squeeze Page That Converts. Complete Workbook, Template, Checklist, Toolkit & Action GuideAction Guide

Quick question: Are you the self-centred type?

Of course, mostly I'm sure you're not, but...

When it comes to telling the world how AMAZING your products, services or courses are, it might seem like blowing your own trumpet is the thing to do, but the truth is, if you genuinely want to connect with your audience you need to be in a place where you can sincerely answer that question - at least where your audience is concerned - in the negative, because ultimately…

It can't be about you.

So let me help you with that, by sharing a neat little trick that can help transform so-what features into the kind of relevant benefits that your visitors can actually care about, by digging into the more specific - preferably tangible - outcomes that your Lead Magnet can provide. 

And so, behold…

Quick Win Action 2: Transform your ‘So What’ Features Into ‘Sounds Good’ Benefits (With The Help Of Just One Little Word)

Ultimately, without effective audience-centric benefits it's easy to end up with copy that lacks clout, simply because you failed to communicate anything anyone - other than you - actually gives a crap about. To ensure our copy can be effective, we have to relate. That means squeezing our big fat feet into our prospect's tightly fitting stilettos, so we can answer one more simple question...

Why-oh-why should they care?

The simplest way to ensure you can actually unearth tangible benefits and relevant value and don’t just end up with a list of so-what features, is to begin by clarifying what the features of your Lead Magnet actually are and then gently squeeze them until the benefits pop-out.

​​​​​​​​Benefits tell your prospects what’s in it for them, which is how it will improve their lives, how it will make them a better version of themselves. Features that do not have clear benefits are features you should not mention in your copy.

Joanna Wiebe

 The Original Conversion Copywriter

Photo of Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers)

So to be clear then, the features are the elements; the parts; the sections or the modules that together make up your Lead Magnet’s whole. 

To get a quick win here, simply begin by making a list of every feature of your Lead Magnet, describe what each of those features does, but then - and this is the important bit - you can compound the connect-ability of each by simply asking yourself - what result could someone potentially ‘see’, once they consume, utilise or action this feature?

So far so good, but now here’s that nifty, one-little-word trick…

For a more satisfying conclusion to each statement, it’s as simple as adding a little ‘so’ to the end of the feature description to help you tease out a much more compelling feature + benefit combo. 

SO, here’s an example...

The Blueprint [Feature Name] is a one-page infographic that clearly maps out each section [Feature Description], SO you can quickly get the gist of how everything fits together into one cohesive conversion focussed whole.[Feature Benefit]

The outcome (geddit?) of using this deceptively simple process is you can save your every day ‘so what?’ features from a 'couldn't-care-less fate' and transform them into a list that is relevant, will resonate and can trigger a ‘sounds good to me’ response.

Does that sound good to you?

Well there’s more where that came from…

The Complete Squeeze Page Workbook, Template & Checklist Toolkit

Utilises a series of simple ‘fill-in-the-blanks exercises to take you from a blank screen to a list of salient, tangible benefits to the structuring of clear, succinct copy, that better connects with your audience because it simply and clearly communicates what they actually care about.

Find out more...

5 Steps To A Squeeze Page That Converts. Complete Workbook, Template, Checklist, Toolkit & Action GuideAction Guide

Moving swiftly along, we can now compound the power of your Value Proposition and drive home the biggest beneficial outcome with the aid of...

Quick Win Action 3: The Qualifying Statement Fast Hack Formula

The Qualifying Statement is generally a succinct statement of 1-2 sentences that neatly rounds off the main body of the page, while naturally leading into the Call To Action, ideally in a triumphant ‘last hurrah’ sort of way. 

And because the Qualifying Statement’s primary purpose is to provide a qualification or reminder of what matters most, the win that’s built-in, is that the source of your Qualifying Statement is almost certainly contained within the draft ideas for your Value Proposition and Benefits sections. 

Which is nice.

And so readily armed with the basic building blocks, your quick win here is simply a case of re-jigging a version of the Problem-Solution-Benefit formula to get some ideas flowing - yup, it’s that simple - here goes...



If your Squeeze Page isn’t converting [PROBLEM], then this simple process can help you develop the kind of clear communication and empathic connection that quickly connects [SOLUTION], so you get less bounces, more conversions and a leaner, cleaner more engaged mailing list over time. [OUTCOME]

Ultimately, if this last conclusive statement is clearly focussed on driving home the most beneficial outcome, then you can potentially hit the happy place motherload with a last final persuasive punch that pushes your future customer towards the finishing line.

There’s loads more Qualifying Statement formulas to choose from in

Quick Win Action 4: The Call To Action What + Why Check

If a visitor comes to the end of your page and they’ve not conclusively decided everything is ‘so far so good’, their finger will likely be hovering somewhere between that all-important "I'm in" conversion button and the dreaded "I'm out" back button. Which means you have one last chance to naturally nudge their hearts, minds (and fingers) in the direction you want them to go. Bottom-line, if you snooze here; you lose here. 

No pressure then.

The good news is - it’s easy enough to replace a lame CTA with one that can at the very least keep things moving instinctively forward and avoid a last hurdle stumble, as long as you include a few key ingredients…

In the context of a Squeeze Page, which has one (and only one) objective your CTA should not only be crystal clear on what needs to be done (for that objective to be fulfilled), it should also be accompanied by a jolly good reason for doing what needs to be done. 

One simple way to easily achieve that, is by asking yourself just two simple questions:

  1. What will they actually get when they click the button?
  2. What is the value of what they’ll get?

To elaborate a little, if all your CTA says is “Click Here”, “Subscribe” or “Download”, where is the value in that? It tells your hovering - will they/won’t they - visitor nothing about what they’ll get or why they should get it.

If people aren't sure about the value that your CTA button will deliver, they’re not going to click it.

Neil Patel (with mic headpiece))

SEO & Digital Marketing Guru

In other words it doesn’t include the most important elements, which are…

A reminder of the WHAT and the WHY.

So, the simplest quick win you can make with your CTA is to ensure at the very least it follows...

The What + Why Check

A quick example then...

Do you have an active instruction?

Click Here / Get / Download?

  • Check.

So, what will they actually get?

Checklist / Ebook / Mini-Course?

  • Check.

And most importantly, what value will they derive from what they get?

Conversions / Subscribers / Customers?

  • Check.

All else being equal, if your CTA states exactly what it is; exactly why they should want it and exactly what to do to get it, you’ll have less friction, less resistance and you’ll be much more likely to get that first click, a new subscriber and be in with a fighting chance of a sale.

And so with these core ingredients at hand, you can now put them in the mix in a variety of sequences to come up with something like this..

For a complete step by step fill-in-the-blanks process that can ensure you’ll never be lost for effective CTA choices again…

Click Here & Get The Complete Squeeze Page Workbook, Template & Checklist Toolkit Now!

  • W​hat to do.
  • What It Is.
  • Why They Should Want It.

Last, but definitely not least, you can now put the word-work to one side for a while as you ponder…

How to quickly and clearly communicate needs and deeds in a visually effective way? 

When it comes to images, there’s a multitude of things you could do, but for a quick win, here’s one thing you definitely should do...

Quick Win Action 5: The Hero Image Compliment & Confusion Check

The ideal Hero Image should be a complementary partner to the Heading & Intro and help communicate your Value Proposition in a visually pleasing way. As the very first things a visitor takes in, together, they’re core to what happens next, as they ask themselves…

Should I stay or should I go?

Gif of Jenifer Lawrence saying "maybe i like you maybe, i don't"


Always keep in mind that because your Hero Image is likely to be the first thing a visitor registers, it can also quickly tip the first impression scales one way or the other. So, once you’ve got your Heading & Intro communicating your Value Proposition in a simple and clear way (check?), the next job is to ensure your Hero Image does not conflict - with your VP - in any way, because conflict leads to confusion which is the enemy of conversion.

  • Check?
  • Check.

Once any conflicts are fixed and you’ve made sure your image compliments more than it confuses, the final core element is to ensure that your image is a clear representation of what they’ll actually, tangibly get (be that the product, the process or the outcome).

The best way to ensure that, is to get a second opinion (or two) on the first impression the image makes all on its lonesome (preferably from people you don’t personally know). 

That means asking, firstly…

What does this image tell you?

And secondly…

Does it look authentic, credible and true?

Jesus painting amateur restoration failure. Before & after.

A non conflicting or confusing answer to question one and an affirmative response to question two and - hi-5! - you just got yourself another quick win in the bag and you’re good to go...

The Hero Image Framework

In The Complete Squeeze Page Workbook, Template & Checklist Toolkit we’ve expanded a bumper list of 24 best practice items into ten pages of top tips and 'good to know' guidance to help ensure your imagery can complement your copy without conflict; reduce the amount of ‘explaining’ you need to do, and execute a beeline to your visitors brain in the cleanest and clearest of ways.

Find Out More Here

Gif animation displaying a quick browse through the 25 pages of the Hero Section of the Squeeze Page Workbook

One small step for you, one giant leap on your way to a Squeeze Page that converts?

Remember that while the ‘urgh’ is an inevitable part of the process, the ‘urgh’ is also what sorts the wheat from the chaff and the winners from the losers, simply because - much like anything that’s worth doing - building a well-oiled list-building machine is a lot easier said than done. It’s tough out there, competition is fierce, attention has to be hard fought for (or bought for), it is survival of the fittest and so, sometimes as one of the greatest orators of all time - allegedly - once said,  you just have to…

Keep On Going - Churchill

And that’s easier to accept when you understand that the journey to list-building success never goes in one straight upward line and your momentum will ebb and flow. So...

When time is tight and resources are stretched a quick win is the best place to begin.

Your next step is to hone in on the section of this action guide where you feel your Squeeze Page may be failing to connect and resonate with your target audience and fix it fast.

Your first fast fix today could be…

  1. Ensure your heading & intro quickly, clearly connects by utilising the PROBLEM > SOLUTION > BENEFIT formula.
  2. Give your features a bumper-boost by providing relatable, relevant tangible outcomes that your readers will actually care about.
  3. Round off the main body of the page with a ‘what matters most’ Qualifying Statement that clearly drives home the most beneficial outcomes
  4. Avoid any hang-ups at the last hurdle by creating a CTA that matches the WHAT to an all-important WHY by clearly communicating the VALUE of your offer.
  5. Get a second opinion on the first impression your Hero Image makes to rule out any confusion or conflicts and ensure it does clearly represent what your new subscriber will actually get.

Remember, when it comes to Squeeze Page optimisation small changes can have exponential conversion impact, so as long as you actually do take action without too much delay (like, er, today 😬) you’ll be one step closer to your own lean, mean email collecting machine.

It is not the magnitude of change on the “page” that impacts conversion; it is the magnitude of change in the “mind” of the prospect.

PS: One Final Formula: Process + Persistence = Progress?

Here’s the thing…

When resources are stretched and time is tight, delivering a Squeeze Page that converts more than it hurts can be - urgh - easier said than done, unless of course... 

You have an actionable process.

So, if you do need a little extra nudge to get you moving in the right direction and want to ensure you don’t get stuck…

5 Steps To A Squeeze Page That Converts...

Is a complete Squeeze Page Workbook, Template & Checklist Toolkit, that can logically guide you from initial ideas to fine-tuning of copy and onto the creation of visuals focussed on what’s actually important; relevant; and salient to your target audience.

Which means you can have a Squeeze Page that is optimised to get heads nodding, hearts pulsating and minds racing in the direction you want them to go - while also saving you time, money and resources along the way.

Which is nice, right?

5 Steps To A Squeeze Page That Converts. Complete Workbook, Template, Checklist, Toolkit & Action GuideAction Guide
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