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E13. How To Write A Value Proposition Statement

[The one that changes everything] How To Write A Simple, Clear Value Proposition Statement To Connect And Convert


This is the seventh and final email in the Action Guide Sequence and Part Two of a two-pronged approach for Step 5, which began in the last email by introducing the benefits of using a simple, clear Value Proposition Statement on a Landing Page, to aid quick connection and reduce the old back button bounce.

I say final, and it is – in this particular case – but you could, in theory, go on, and on, and on and on… 

The truth is, this email brings our subscribers to an important fork in the road. Some will ‘buy-in’, become prized first-time customers, then move onwards and upwards through our Core Product Sequence. And the others? Well, you could get lucky, but most likely if they’ve not taken the opportunity to buy a low-cost, high-value item from you so far, the chances of them going for a higher priced Core Product just yet are, while not impossible, somewhat slim.

That said, it’s quite possible you just haven’t presented quite the right product for them, at quite the right time for them. But if they’re still opening your emails, then that should at least indicate they do still have some interest. In which case, you should move them over to a more general list and then add them to sequences for any new Tripwires or Lead Magnets as they come up. 

This final email differs from all the previous emails in this sequence, in that we’re pushing directly for a click-thru to a Landing Page (not, as is usual, via an Action Guide Blog Post) and – as we’ve not much to lose – we’re not being too shy about it either.

That said, there is a choice here, you could still use the Email > Blog Post > Landing Page Strategy or indeed try both and see which works best for you. If you have the resources then; that’s what I would do.

So now – as we don’t have a tempting Action Guide or Free Checklist offer – we need another trick, to get that click. The approach I’ve taken here is to introduce a new, useful process; clarify the potential results of using that process; and then provided a taster of how to quickly put that process to good use (which also sends the signal – your emails are useful and so worth opening, right?). But crucially, we want them to know: there is more (and better), where that came from. But for that, they must… Clickety, click.

So, is that really the end?

Not quite. This particular sequence of Action Guide emails is done for now, but there’s still a few extra little reminders, subtle pushes and – not always so subtle – special offers,  we can utilise to try and mop up some of those that are still opening our emails at least. But, as for those that are not, yes its probably time to bid a fond farewell and take the opportunity to clean up our list (and improve open, delivery and conversion rates along the way).

You can, if you wish, browse all the emails in this sequence here.



This is a quick taster of a simple process that can help you write a clear, succinct Value Proposition Statement that speaks directly to your audience about what matters most to them, so they stick around and scroll down (and you can make a sale)…


Tough Love Time…

There comes a time in everyone’s life and in many an endeavour, when it makes sense to listen to your trusted friends, your respected peers or, of course… your Mum.

But, if you want to effectively connect, clearly communicate and ultimately convert, then: this is not that time.

Gif from IT Crowd: (Noel Fielding as Richmond) "An ill wind is blowing".

Rather, this is the time for some tough love; a time to get your priorities straight; and a time to get one thing crystal clear:

It’s not about you (your Bro’s, your Bestie’s or your Mum).

What you feel, want or need doesn’t matter much to your leads, your prospects or your potential customers. They’ll only care about what you have to say, if it connects to a solution, some relief or a better place for them to be.

Quite simply: their needs trump your deeds.

Gif from IT Crowd: (Katherine Parkinson as Jen Barber)"Why is no one listening to me!"

But once you recognise this snowflake syndrome for what it is, once this all-important penny drops, then you know what you’re dealing with, and that changes everything.

Well, everything to do with the words you use to sell stuff that is.


** Remember, the reminder…**

Next Step…

In my last email and the accompanying Action Guide: First Steps To To A Customer Specific Value Proposition Statement, I explained why quick, clear connection is key to keeping your bounce rate down, and showed you the eight most important elements of an effective Value Proposition Statement.

Today, I want to give you a quick taster of the next step in the process, so you can get started actually writing the damn thing. This is a step designed to help you effectively weave together the all-important elements (gathered in Step 1), into one crystal clear, simple and succinct statement. A statement that can speak directly to your target audience about what matters most to them, so you get a quick “copy that”, and then, Then, THEN…

Because you got straight to the crystal clear, relevant point (how you can help THEM get what THEY want), their interest is piqued, and they’re much more likely to stick around, scroll down and be open to whatever else you have to say.

And you have got plenty of good stuff to say, right?



Check Out The Complete Workbook: 3 Steps To A  Simple, Succinct Value Proposition Statement (That Will Clarify, Connect & Convert) Here


**And the introduction of the new actionable process…**


So, here’s how you can simply and succinctly, begin to bring everything neatly together…

Gif from IT Crowd: (Richard Ayoade as Maurice Moss) "Are you reday for this jelly?"

Drum roll, please…



I’m simplifying things here just to give you a taste, but it goes something like this:


I help [WHO] get/solve/reduce/increase [WHAT] By [HOW]


You can get to the bones of this formula by, drawing on these three simple questions from part 1:


1. WHO do you help?

Ex: Entrepreneurs.

“Who me?”


2. WHAT is their problem?

Ex: High bounce rate.

“Yup, my Landing Page has more boiiing, than a rubber ball on a trampoline.”


3. HOW do you help?

Ex: I write simple, succinct, relevant copy to engage and drive action towards sales.“

“Oh really?”


Put it all together, and you get something like:


“I help Entrepreneurs [that’s the WHO] reduce bounces and improve conversions [the WHAT] by creating simple, succinct copy that clearly communicates relevancy and drives action towards sales [the all-important HOW (rounded off with a beneficial outcome)]


As an entrepreneur, you’ll immediately recognise (within the first 3 words yes?) – this is for you. So you don’t leave, you read on, and you get a clear, simple explanation of what I do, how I can help, and why-oh-why you should care.

It’s quick, it’s clear and there’s no confusion, and so… I’m still in the game.

Gif from IT Crowd:  Hi 5 playing board game.

And this is just one of many simple, but highly effective formulas you can put to immediate use with The Complete Value Proposition Workbook.


A Better Place To Be

There’s no BIG secret to creating a Landing Page, that’s a lean, mean selling machine. It’s simply a process of trial, error and iteration. So, figuring out how to make a quick connection with your visitors – so they’ll hang around – is the most obvious place to start (because, if you don’t get this right, nothing else will matter much anyway).

Thankfully, once you’ve mastered the ‘needs before deeds’ mindset, you can quickly begin to develop relationships built on trust and mutual understanding, and that’s a place every upstanding Citizen likes to be, right?

Gif from IT Crowd:  (everyone glued to their devices) "I love this i feel so social"



**And if you want more, then…**

The Complete Value Proposition Workbook: 3 Steps To A Simple, Succinct Value Proposition Statement (That Will Clarify, Connect & Convert) digs much deeper into processes that can help you consistently focus on what matters most (to them), and can quickly deliver the clarity, relevancy and connection needed to get every Landing Page (and every relationship) off to a flying start. So…

Gif from IT Crowd:  (Chris Morriss as Denholm Reynholm) "I hope it doesnt sound arrogant when i say"

If you genuinely want an easier way to create messaging that’s crystal clear, simple to understand, and actually does connect customers needs with your deeds, then just..


Click Here For Less Bounces, More Buying And A Boost To Your Bottom Line Now!


Hope to see you in that better place, very soon…




PS: And There’s More…

It’s not just about writing a Value Proposition Statement for your Landing Page…

Gif from IT Crowd: (Matt Berry as Douglas Reynholm) Damn good bloody damn good job"

If you run through these processes each time you have a New Product or Service to launch, you’ll end up with a wealth of ideas you can use to write fresh copy for all your ads, landing pages, emails, headlines and calls-to-action throughout your funnel and marketing campaign (there’s even a swipe section in the Value Proposition Workbook to record all these ideas). And because it gets easier to do the more you do it, and the more you do it the more you can gain, it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Gif from IT Crowd: (	Chris O'Dowd as Roy Trenneman) "Now that makes sense"

Check it out now:

3 Steps To A Simple, Succinct Value Proposition Statement (That Will Clarify, Connect & Convert)


Well Done You?

That done, you can give yourself a great big pat on the back – 5 Steps in, and all your Level 1 Foundations are done, which means you should now be in tip-top shape to begin building the fun stuff…

Level 2 is all about creating the Lead Magnet and list building elements required to get the top of your Funnel up, running and – hopefully – gushing.

But in the meantime, don’t forget to check out The Complete Value Proposition Workbook Here


Gif from IT Crowd:  (Mo kisses Roy) "right lets go"


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