Introducing: The Bulletproof Funnel Framework

A simple step by step process designed to build an audience, develop relationships and convert leads into customers that keep coming back for more...

Building  a robust online sales-funnel is part journey and part jigsaw. The journey takes determination, resolve and focus. The jigsaw; logic, diligence and organisation.

To reduce the usual frazzle and frustration that inevitably erupts on this occasionally puzzling journey, this foundational blueprint is designed to help you clearly see the 'big picture' before you begin; understand the purpose of each crucial step along the way; and show you how to fit all the pieces together into one complete, cohesive and satisfying whole.

The Bulletproof Funnel FrameworkLevel 1: Foundations

To avoid overwhelm, The Framework is broken down into Four Distinct Levels - each building upon the last to create a stronger, sturdier and more robust system.

Within each level are a number of modules, which, - if you focus on completing one steady step at a time - can lead to a consistently, satisfying series of wins, that will fuel your momentum onwards and upwards towards the prize:

An automated system that attracts the kind of quality leads, that can keep conversions healthy and your business wealthy for years to come.

- Disclaimer -

The Level 1 Foundational Blueprint doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, or exactly how to do everything you need to do, but... It will give a sense of the big picture and it will provide a starting point, so you can begin planning a Funnel built on solid foundations; foundations that will ensure your pipeline of sales is optimised, insulated and 'bulletproofed' well into the future.

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Level 1: Foundations

In many ways this is the hardest bit, because it does - shock, horror - take some work. But once you have these foundations in place, everything else will become much, much simpler to do. Skip it and you will struggle, stumble and waste more time and money in the long run. 

Don't do that. Do this...

Blueprints & Foundations. Define Lead Magnet > define Core product > define Tripwire > Customer Avatar > Marketing Message


1.1: Define Your Core Product

Begin with the end in mind.

What is your end goal? What is the Core Product or service you would ideally like to end up selling? You don’t need to be ready to go, you don't need a final, definitive product to sell (you're audience may have different ideas), but you do need to be clear of the direction of travel.

Consider carefully. Brainstorm. Fine tune. Prioritise. Pick one to begin and define this as your end goal. Quite simply, you have to be clear about where you’re heading, before you can figure out the most effective way to get your people there...



1.2: Define Your Lead Magnet

And how do you get there? You get there through gradual, logical progression...

A cold audience doesn't know you and has no reason to trust you, so if you immediately try to push your Core Product, you’ll have an uphill battle on your hands. So we begin by offering something of value in advance; something that can provide a quick fix to an important problem, while also having a clear, direct connection to your Core Product. And importantly; we give it away for free. 

Well, almost, we do want their email address. This is how we attract leads (‘Lead Magnet’ get it?), this is how you build your mailing list, this is how you begin to build a positive relationship with your new audience. So, make it really useful. Make it easily consumable. But most of all: make it very blimmin' good.



1.3: Define Your Tripwire

Now we’re all getting to know each other, things are warming up...

You’re no longer a stranger, you’ve provided value, you’ve shown you know your stuff. But, it’s not quite time to go for gold. It is, however, a natural time to take things to the next level and ask for a little silver...

A Tripwire is typically a low cost, low risk purchase anywhere from £1-20. However, it needs to deliver more value than its ticket price might suggest to ensure it's not just 'throwaway shtick', but it actually, does stick.

Here you get to take the relationship up a level, take your credibility and trust factors up a level, and take the relationship into the realm of a financial transaction. And that matters, simply because: once a transaction has taken place, it’s statistically much more likely future transactions will also take place. You’re taking your luke-warm leads and transforming them into red-hot customers.

Again crucially; ensure that this product (or service) is a clear stepping stone towards your Core Product.



1.4:  Create Your Customer Avatar

This is who you’re aiming to reach, who you’ll be talking to, and who will buy from you.

Not generally, but specifically: one person. The person who is gonna absolutely love what you do. This is the crucial foundation stone that every step on the journey is built upon.

Without this, your marketing, your copy and your design will be all over the shop. With this, you’ll understand your customer; the way they think; the way they feel; what they really want and need. 

The point is to understand them so well - better than they even know themselves - that when you do speak to them; you really do speak to their real desires motivations wants, needs, drives and desires. And you do it in way they really can relate to and understand.



1.5:  Create Your Value Proposition Statement

The point of a Value Proposition Statement is to clearly and succinctly summarise what it is about you, your product or your service that offers tangible beneficial value (duh) and sets you apart in a way that quickly connects.

You develop these Marketing Messages to speak directly to your Customer Avatar (see how that works?). What you offer; who you offer it to; and why-oh-why they should care.

Take some time to get this process right, and you’ll have a consistent and effective starting point for every piece of marketing copy you ever create. Your Value Proposition and Customer Avatar can then become your most faithful and trusted lieutenants, helping you prepare the path to victory in each and every campaign.


And theres more good - actionable - stuff to follow...

When you click on the big red button below you not only get the FREE Level 1 Foundational Blueprint, you also - much more importantly - kick off a series of 5 FREE Action Guides specifically designed to help you take action and lay down the 5  Crucial Funnel Foundations above, ensuring your Funnel is optimised to become a consistent, reliable system that can convert cold traffic, into warm leads, into hot customers and deliver a buoyant bottomline for years to come...

What you'll get...

  • The Complete Funnel Blueprint - A simple map broken down into four distinct levels, so you can clearly see what you’re building, where all the pieces go and where to focus at each step of the way.

  • The Level 1 Foundational Overview - Explains WHAT to do, to get off on the right foot and ensure the ground is properly prepared for a Funnel that is really relevant, reliably robust and ready to roll.

  • 5 FREE Action Guides, Checklists & Workbooks - With a Free Action Guide for each module, you get access to the most important and valuable part of the process - this is not just what you need to do, but HOW to actually do it. Providing a simple step by step process to follow so you can begin taking action, get things started and get your Funnel Foundations done.
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