The Symbiotic Ascension System is a complete sales funnel and email marketing framework designed for those who have knowledge, experience and expertise to share, but don't want to market their courses, programs, books or services using pushy, pressurised sales tactics.

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Symbiotic Ascension Funnel 10 Step Blueprint

Reason 1 Is All About The WHAT and begins with the delivery of a succinct overview of the SAS system in PDF format - so you can quickly get up to speed with what a funnel built on SAS principles may involve and actually look like.

Reason 2 Is All About The WHY facilitated by the delivery of highlights from the 3-part Introduction To Symbiotic Marketing  Guide sent out one day at a time - designed to build a picture of the logic behind symbiotic marketing and so help you decide if it resonates with how you might like to do things.

Reason 3 Is All About The HOW and so the logical next step is a series of of action guides, checklists & process - that just happen to be exclusive subscriber only content - designed to get the first part of your funnel underway with least possible delay.

Non of which will cost you a bean (for now at least).

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Building a funnel or growing a mailing list & not into all that pushy, pressurised salesey stuff?
We hear that. And so here are 3 ways SYMBIOTICS might be able to help you get things moving, while also saving you time and money along the way...

Symbiotic Marketing

Symbiotic marketing seamlessly aligns permission marketing, knowledge sharing and product selling by strategically aligning key points on prospects learning and discovery journey with products or services you're looking to sell. 

It's not for everyone, but if you're a busy entrepreneur who likes the idea of building win-win relationships without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics, this free 3-part series has been designed to demonstrate how the Symbiotic Ascension System might - just might - work for you...

Sales Funnel & Content Creation Services

Core to the backend of the Symbiotic Ascension System is a desire to do what we can to provide access to a wide range of funnel & content creation tools, processes and services that allow - almost - anyone with enough desire a way to progress. And do so, within their own sweet-spot of budget, quality and time.

And so, what this looks like in a very practical sense is that we seek to provide you with options, choices and flexibility.

And so to one degree or another regardless of available budget and resources there should be a way we can help you get closer to where you need to be.

Following then, is an overview of ways we might - just might - be able to help you get things started and get stuff done...

Email List Building Resources

If you’re naturally attracted to helping, guiding and sharing what you know, but not so attracted to pushing, shoving and sharp-elbowing your way sales, the symbiotic-based email marketing may make sense for you.

It’s an approach that seamlessly aligns permission marketing, knowledge sharing and product selling into a symbiotic system that utilises something you’re probably already quite good at, to help your audience grow their awareness and knowledge, while you build credibility, authority and trust along the way.

And  the good news is…

The first part of the system -  the list building part - can be set up using just 3 digital assets, allowing you to get started and begin delivering results with least possible delay...

AND we've got a series of action guides, process & checklist to help get you started, which also - for now - just happen to be free.

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“You don’t have to feel ready to get started. You have to get started to feel ready” 
- Shane Melaugh (Thrive Themes)

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