3 Steps To A Core Product (Action Guide)

3 Steps To Your First Core Product (Action Guide)

Core Product Action Guide

Step 1: Define Your Core Product.

Source: Symbiotic Ascension System: Core Product Action Guide

First things first. Before you begin building your Funnel you want to be very clear on the outcome you seek. If that outcome is to sell your Core Product (makes sense), then you must begin by considering what that Core Product could be and work through your ideas to decide which one it should be. But, if you’re not quite set yet; this Action Guide (and the FREE PDF Checklist) can help you test your ideas to ensure you have the best chance of choosing the kind of “Killer Core Product” that delivers, happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back for more.

Sidenote: This guide assumes you don’t yet have an audience, but if you do, then for the greatest chance of success you should, let them tell you what products or services they want and need. The questions that follow can – with a some adjustment – help you do that.

In just 3 simple steps this guide can help you brainstorm, consider, prioritise and then fine-tune your ideas into one core solution orientated product or service, that – ideally – also provides a tangible solution to a real problem for your future customers (and then some).

So what product or service should you eventually, actually, definitely be leading your leads to? Let’s see… 

Step 1: Consider

Consider the following questions, then record your thoughts for future reference. The intention here is to get you thinking, but the answers will also be really, really useful when it comes to developing your Value Proposition (1.5) and Squeeze Page Copy (3.1) a little further down the line.

So, consider…

  • What are the biggest problems in your market?
  • What solutions are currently in the market?
  • What ideas do you have to solve these problems and/or meet your market’s desires?

Step 2: Brainstorm

Brainstorm ideas and prioritise your list according to which you believe to be the strongest.

Take your top choice and consider the following questions:

  • What are the main features?
  • What makes your solution stand apart from other options? (or how can you make it stand apart?)
  • What would the tangible outcomes (benefits) for the customer/client/user be?
  • What promise can you make and deliver on?
  • Can you summarise the above into a Unique Selling or Value Proposition?

Bonus Points:

Is there scope to (directly or indirectly) create Lead Magnets (1.2) or Tripwires (1.3) from important aspects, features, parts or processes of this Core Product?

Are you good?

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

Then you can move on to…

Step 3:

Click Here To Download The FREE Core Product Action Guide & Checklist!

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This FREE PDF Workbook will allow you to work through each step in your own time and then use the checklist to see how your ideas compare. And once you’ve downloaded it for keeps, you can repeat the process anytime you have an idea for a new product or service. Fillable sections and checklists mean you can enter your info directly into the PDF (using any PDF viewer), then save it and keep it handy to refer to later. Pretty good, right?


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