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Bringing It All Together

Here is where it all gets a little meta, because is an example of a Strategic Lead Magnet built on the foundation of an Awesome Avatar via the magical conduit of an opt-in page created with the aid of a Squeeze Page Brief...

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Marking each section off as complete as you go, tells us you where you're up to, which then allows us to send you content most appropriate to your next step (and avoid sending info on stuff you've already consumed).


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About Me


In my 20's and 30's I was a DJ, I made music and I ran a record label. A mix of the creative and entrepreneurial which although suited me, but was not exactly financially secure. And so in my 40's I began to seek ways to make a living that would allow me to flex my creativity, while adding value to the world - without compromising my independence and autonomy - and also, ideally, help me, help those around me do the same.

And now, the way I do that, is by helping busy creative entrepreneurs, teachers, consultants, coaches and course creators with marketing, funnels, copywriting and content. And that's simply because, I believe, these are skills that have the power to unlock both online businesses growth and positive, personal-growth for both myself and those I seek to serve.

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