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Funnel Foundations Action Guide Workbook Bundle

Take the fast track and Nail All 5 Steps Of Your Funnel Foundations In Double Quick Time, with the help of this super-set of Five Action Guides & Workbooks For Just £14.99

This Bumper Bundle Includes:

Module 1: The Killer Core Product Action Guide

Module 2: The Killer Lead Magnet Action Guide

Module 3: The Strategic Tripwire Action Guide

Module 4: The Awesome Avatar Workbook

Module 5: The Value Proposition Workbook

Each individual Level 1 Action Guide provides clear, simple to follow step by step processes to help  get you started. But taking this bumper bundle fastrack option means you're less likely to lose your momentum and much more likely to get your Funnel Foundations in place and ready to deliver more of the kind of high quality leads that actually do convertsooner, rather than later.

All for just £14.99?

Awesome Avatar Batman!

Batman (Adam west" dances for joy

So, For A Fastrack To More Copy & Conversion POW...

“To be successful, you have to be out there, you have to hit the ground running” 
- Richard Branson

Or get yourself moving one workbook at a time for just £7.99...

Q: So, Why Is This An Awesome Avatar Workbook?

A: Because, It's a consistent and effective fast-track path to a deeper, clearer understanding of your potential customers thoughts, feelings, drives and desires.

And that leads to more relevant copy that really connects and actually converts.


Don't do the steep learning and the head-scratching thing.

Do do the simple and efficient time-saving thing.

What you get...

The workbook is split into three user-friendly parts, each building upon the last to develop a deeper, more fully rounded sense of exactly who you're aiming to sell to, what they care about and why.

Step 1: The Questions - a set of four points-based checklists gives a quick snapshot of what you do know, and what you don't know (about your target customer), so you can prepare the ground - pop on your pumps - and hit it running.

Step 2: The Answers – is a deceptively simple format that naturally and logically guides you through its four sections, to  ‘fill in’ what you discover as you go, forming the backbone of your Avatar reference document.

Step 3: The Stories – a secret sauce that transforms an Average Avatar into an Awesome Avatar, by helping you weave together "all you now know" into a series of highly relevant Customer Backstories.

This – most importantly - adds context to the decision making and buying process, revealing deeper, richer more relevant insight, so you can communicate the right things, in the right way, at the right time, at every stage of your funnel.

This super-simple-user-friendly-workbook can quickly help you gather together all you need to know about your target customer, and deliver a solid starting point for your copy (or your copywriter) in just one hour from now.

Did I hear a WOW

And It's Only £7.99?

Surely, you can't be serious!

I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

So, For More Copy & Conversion POW...

Successful entrepreneurs don't wait for the perfect moment - they create it” 
- Richard Branson

Designed for entrepreneurs with high bounces, low conversions, spiralling costs Or a lack of time...

The Value Proposition Workbook Is a simple, step-by-step process that delivers powerful introductions to Landing Pages, that quickly and clearly communicate what's most meaningful and relevant to a target audience.

Which means...

Less bounces; more buying; and a boost to your bottom line...

Quickly connect visitors pressing needs with your amazing deeds in just 3 simple steps...

Step 1: The Gathering - The workbook begins with a simple Q & A format that helps you quickly clarify the factors that matter most, such as problems, needs, solutions and outcomes.
Then - as you go forward - you’ll always have the core building blocks of your Marketing Messages at the ready and you’ll never be stuck where to start. Nice, right?

Value Proposition Workbook Step 1: The Gathering

Step 2: Coming Together  – Here, we start moving the building blocks around to form some initial sentence ideas. The process guides you into place, and the workbook provides space to experiment, mix and match, until you've identified what clicks; what hits the spot; and what does the job justice.

This generally throws up more ideas than you can shake a stick at (or practically use in one Landing Page intro), but waste not, want not – you will find plenty of use for these ideas throughout your Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, and Marketing Campaigns - saving more time, more resources and precious headspace along the way. Woah. Bonus points.

Step 2: Coming Together

Step 3: Adjust To Taste  – This is the editing and fine-tuning process that helps cut the fluff. Here, you'll be pushed to make your words simpler, your phrasing clearer, and brutally kill off any waffle not quite cutting it.

Which makes for cleaner, crisper, clearer messaging that’s easy to read, simple to understand and leads to conversion not confusionYou are following this, right?

Ste 3: Adjust To Taste. Cutting, Cleaning & Tuning

And So For Just £7.99...

You can have, what she's having!

But, wait. There's more...

MORE? Yes, yes, yes! The bonus section of non-essential - but very nice to have - extras with oomph! Means... From here on in - it's all gravy, baby...

Bonus 1: Points Based Checklist

All your ideas are so damn good, you just can't choose one? Nice problem to have, easy problem to solve…

This 10-point checklist helps compare, contrast and measure 'strength', by awarding points to each element you’ve been able to include, saving you much head scratching and second guessing.

Coming soon: The “How To Choose Your Favourite Child” Checklist!

Bonus 2: Heading Formulas

Creative juices run dry, and you just can't channel your inner Oscar Wilde? You can fix that fast...

These foolproof formulas can help you blast through any bottlenecks, to piece together one elegantly simple - but seriously sexy - statement of intent, that is oh so much more than the some of its parts.

Bonus 3: Above The Fold Tips And Tricks

Need an edge in the battle for eyeballs and attention? Then you’re in luck...

With these simple little tricks up your sleeve, you can add a little magic dust  - like the VA Booster for example - for more ooh, ahh and oomph in the all-important ATF.  

VA what you say? Shhh! I've said too much!


There's no need to stay stuck in the limbo of high bounces, low conversions, spiralling costs and lack of time.


In just a few hours from now, this super-simple workbook can have you back on track, with a Landing Page that quickly and clearly communicates what's most relevant and meaningful to your target audience, so you get more buy button victories and less back button mysteries.

And at just £7.99...

What's not to love?

Scene from Film "Ghost"

Ready for a Value Proposition Statement that's really relevant, crystal clear and quickly connects visitors needs with your deeds?

Or of course, you can still do the fastrack and...

Get The Complete Level 1 Action Guide Workbook Bundle for Just £14.99

Why Delay, When You Can Fastrack All Your Level 1 Funnel Foundations Right Away?

To be successful you have to prioritise . I didn't get where I am today by sitting around in barber's shops all day.
- Richard Branson

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