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3 Steps To A Killer Lead Magnet (Action Guide & Checklist)

Lead Magnet Action Guide & Checklist

1.2: Define Your Lead Magnet Action Guide - You get there through gradual, logical progression. A cold audience doesn’t know you, and so have no reason to trust you (get over it). If you immediately begin to push your core product, you’ll have an uphill battle on your hands. So we begin by offering something of value; something that can provide a quick fix to an important problem for your target audience - while also having a direct connection to your core product. This can be what they need to do or to some degree how to do it (much like this Framework you’re reading right now). Most importantly though, we give this away for free. Well, almost. We do want their email address - that’s the deal. This is how we attract leads (‘Lead Magnet’ get it?); his is how you build your mailing list; this is how you begin to build a positive relationship with your new audience. Make it useful. Make it consumable. But most of all: make it really, really good.

Source: Symbiotic Ascension System: Lead Magnet Action Guide


Lead Magnets are everywhere right? So, if you want to set yours apart; if you want to deliver real value; and you want to land yourself leads that will last – then you need to forget the Vanilla Magnet and get yourself a Killer Magnet. This simple 3 step Lead Magnet Guide & Checklist will show you how…

A cold customer doesn’t know you – this much is obvious – which means, logically, it’s not the optimal time to push your Core Product. So instead, we begin the relationship more naturally, by offering something of value in advance – for free.  This is your Lead Magnet, and this is your first tangible transaction with your new lead – don’t make it your last!

Make sure your Lead Magnet fixes a specific problem; make sure it provides an insight to your process; make sure it’s easily consumable; and make sure it’s a logical first step on the journey to your Core Product (putting you on track for a higher conversion rate down the line).

Your ‘Killer’ Lead Magnet is the one that ticks the most boxes (and we have a points-based checklist to help you figure that out), and a ‘Killer’ Lead Magnet when done right, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s how to get on the right track to a Killer Lead Magnet (And Leads That Will Last) in 3 simple steps…


Step 1: Consider

Consider the following questions and record your thoughts for future reference. The intention is to get you thinking, but the answers will also be really, really useful when it comes to developing your Value Proposition and Squeeze Page Copy further down the line.

It’s ‘ok’ to make your best guess for now, so you don’t get stuck or held up, but if you don’t yet have a Customer Avatar fleshed out, do check out: The Customer Avatar Action Guide for more guidance before you begin the actual creation process.


1.1. Stage of awareness: where’s their head at?

• Unaware they have a problem

Aware of the problem, but not the solution

Aware of the problem and potential solutions (but maybe not your solution)


1.2. Stage of awareness in mind: what information/education/tools will your lead need to move them to greater awareness of your solution and process?


1.3. What concepts/ideas/strategies will you need to introduce and educate them on?


Step 2: Brainstorm

Now, take another look at your Core Product (if you don’t have your Core Product set click here for help).

Are there any important aspects, features, parts, processes, tools, checklists or templates that you could extract for quick consumption and that could demonstrate your process (or part of)?


2.1. List your options and then prioritise.


2.2. Now for each idea, identify at least one problem it can fix and list its tangible outcomes (think: before & after).


Bonus Points:

Which of your Lead Magnet ideas can potentially deliver the most value relative to resources they will take to produce?


Are You Good?

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good


Then you can move on to…


Step 3: 

Download The FREE Lead Magnet Action Guide & Checklist Here!


Look Inside & See What You Get >>

This FREE PDF Workbook will allow you to work through each step in your own time and then use the checklist to see how each Lead Magnet idea shapes up and compares. And once you have this PDF for keeps, you can quickly repeat the process anytime you want to put a new (or old) Lead Magnet through its paces.

Fillable form sections and an interactive checklist means you can enter your info directly into the PDF (using any PDF viewer), then save it and keep it handy to refer back to at any time in the future.

Pretty good, right?

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