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To reduce the usual frazzle and frustration that inevitably erupts on the often puzzling sales funnel & content creation journey, we have a range of services to ensure you don't have to stay stuck.

Core to the backend of the Symbiotic Ascension System is a desire to do what we can to provide access to a wide range of funnel & content creation tools, processes and services that allow - almost - anyone with enough desire a way to progress. And do so, within their own sweet-spot of budget, quality and time.

And so, what this looks like in a very practical sense is that we seek to provide you with options, choices and flexibility.

Free options in the form of action guides, checklists and videos.

DIY options in the form of Workbooks, OTS videos and courses.

DWY (Done With You) hybrid options that combine 1-2-1 (or group) sessions, planning, strategy and ongoing training, but where you take responsibility for creating and delivering assets yourself, while also benefitting from guidance, advice, audits , critiques and feedback from us as requested.

DFY (Done For You) options for when you simply need to get a digital asset done and you’re happy to hire us (or an associated partner) to ensure it’s done effectively and efficiently, allowing you to allocate your time and headspace more effectively as well.

And so to one degree or another regardless of available budget and resources there should be a way we can help you get closer to where you need to be.

Following then, is an overview of ways we might, just might be able to help you get things started and get stuff done..

Shane Melaugh From Thrive Themes Profile Picture

“You don’t have to feel ready to get started. You have to get started to feel ready” 

- Shane Melaugh (Thrive Themes)

Ask A Question


Not ready to jump into bed onto a call or order a service just yet? We get that. In fact we don’t want to talk to you either. Well we do, of course, but only when you’re ready and it makes sense for us too. Win-win see?

Having said that, over-thinking and under-doing doesn't get anyone very far and so...

The question then becomes "what’s the smallest action I can take that will allow me to move forward today?"

And one thing you absolutely can do, is consider what questions (well the answers at least) would you help you get moving and then simply fire-away.

This will not only help get the ball rolling for you, it also helps us understand how we may be of more specific use to you (and make some suggestions without any hard sell).

And all without wasting too much precious time.

If that makes sense and you’re ready to make a start even in a very small way, click the big button below and we’ll do our best to bet back to you within 2 days or so.

John Lennon with tongue out

“Life is what happen's to you, when you're busy making other plans” 

- John Lemon

Exploration & Guidance Call (EGC)


If you’re getting serious about moving forward with a project and looking to explore what your next move should be - we’re serious about helping you explore your options and dig deeper into what products, services, free content or third-party tools and resources might work for you too.

In line with symbiotic marketing principles - of course - our EGC’s are foremostly focussed on helping, guiding and building trust. And so we’ve no intention of blowing that by pushing, cajoling or manipulating you into anything you're just not that into. So, less closing, more helping is the order of the day.

And it’s a two-way street of course…

The purpose of these calls is, as it says on the tin: exploration & guidance. We need to explore what your unique challenges are, before we can effectively guide you to potential solutions. But it’s also an opportunity for you to explore if what we suggest is a good-fit for you too.

And we can only do that, by digging into what you need, why you need it and what you’re looking to achieve. You can only do that by digging deeper into what we do, how we do it and why. So this is a two-way conversation, not a 20-questions survey (although there will be questions going both ways of course).

Ultimately, when an EGC goes well, both parties come away feeling it was time well spent, because both now have a sense and understanding of, what the other is all about. Along with more clarity on what the next best steps could be - which we may or may not decide to take together of course.

Speaking of which, if you are ready to begin taking action, but you’re not quite sure where to begin, one step you could take is to click the button below, schedule an EGC and let’s explore...

And of course , that comes with a cast iron guarantee - no 'salesman' will call.

The 1% Rule How To Fall In Love With The Process And Achieve Your Wildest Dreams By Tommy Baker

Of all the things that can boost emotion, motivation and  perceptions during a work day, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. And the more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run.

Tommy Baker. The 1% Rule: How To Fall In Love With The Process.

Action Sessions


Whether you’re looking to begin building a funnel or have made a start and find yourself stuck, an Action Session is a 1-2-1 active consultation-stroke-workshop, which is often, but not always, the next step up from an EGC.

If you’re just getting started, these sessions are where ideas can be brainstormed and processes, tools and strategies can be discussed and evaluated.

If you’ve begun building your digital assets then feedback, critiques and audits; funnel analysis, strategy, planning updates and problem solving, are just some of the ways the time - with someone who’s been there and done it - can be utilised.

At 1-3 hours long it’s a format that allows more space and time to discuss what might be holding you back, dig deeper into the best way forward, and get your what, why and how clarified, so decisions can be made, plans can be formalised and your next steps can be crystallised.

While the main purpose of these sessions is to guide you forwards towards a clear objective, the above is merely a guidance on how you might use these sessions, as you’re free to use the time as you see fit.

Action by name, action by nature.

Speaking of objectives, one which is key, is that an Action Session should be an enjoyable positive experience, that puts a spring in your step, gives you a lift and makes you feel optimistic about what comes next (so your motivated to strike while the irons hot & move forward with less dithering and delay).

And to aid you in retaining your motivations and actioning your plans, each session also includes a written summary & next steps document - and optionally audio or video recordings of the session - if requested - delivered to your inbox within 24 hours, so you can get cracking with your next actionable step.

And so if an Action Session sounds like something that could give you clarity, help shift a bottleneck and get things moving, then as we only have one session available each day, your next very best step might just be - to click the big red button below and get things underway.

This is a booking request only. No payment required until a scheduled time and date is confirmed.

Move The Needle

£350 -

An MTN package is like a hybrid of a freelancer and part-time team hire, where we diligently focus on the delivery of a specific digital asset, freeing up your time and headspace to work on (as opposed to in) your business instead.

It’s an option that works best, when…

  • You have a bottleneck holding things up.
  • You lack the time, experience or skills to get a specific piece delivered in an effective and efficient way.
  • You have a million other things vying for attention and realise that working on a specific piece of the puzzle is not playing to your strengths or the best use of your time.
  • You’ve failed to get started or are struggling to stay focussed, make much progress or just get the damn thing done.

To ensure the most effective, efficient, VFM delivery - not to mention maintaining quality control - we keep tasks under this service category limited in scope. That said, we can still pretty much create, build and deliver any Symbiotic Ascension System or funnel related digital asset that involves words, images, video or audio. That could be a lead magnet, an email sequence, landing pages, ad copy & creative or any combination and connection of two or more pieces (or anything that can be delivered using our core stack of apps: Thrive Suite, Active Campaign or Visme.)

What’s the catch? 

Glad you asked. 

No negotiation. If your job fits the criteria and you’re happy with the price and delivery time, we proceed, if not we don’t. Other than that, for a task to qualify it must directly relate to the delivery of an asset that can move you forward, whilst being achievable within a limited timescale we both agree is suited to a 3 hours per day scheduled format.

If your job does tick these boxes, then…

Each package of 15 hours of our undivided attention - 3 hours per day Mon-Fri - can be booked in a modular fashion - at £350 per module - as is needed.


If you have a specific piece of your funnel puzzle causing a bottleneck or delay, you want less faffing and more effective and efficient delivery - without it costing you an arm and leg or adding more work to your plate - then it might, just might, be worth clicking on the big red button to find out more...

No payment required until a project request is confirmed.

Digital Asset Delivery

Done With You & Done For You Services

Our definition of a digital asset is any piece of funnel infrastructure, delivery mechanism or content that is included in The Symbiotic Ascension System Blueprint.

However, because infrastructure and content require very different skillsets to pull off effectively (and efficiently), we also allocate the services we provide into two obviously distinct categories…

Infrastructure: building, connecting and testing the containers and delivery mechanisms, such as landing pages, PDF’s, email automation, ad campaigns, etc.

Content: creating the words, visuals and video, that do the connecting, communicating and selling, such as squeeze/landing/sales page copy, email copy; blog, lead magnet and info-product content; video scripting or ad creative etc.

Then due to the SAS’s Digital Asset Delivery Service’s modular design, most of these digital assets can be delivered either via a DWY or DFY service or some combination in-between. Providing the freedom and flexibility to pay for what you need, save on what you don’t, relative to your schedule, skills, experience, budget and available time.

Done With You (DWY) options allow you to tap into our experience and expertise for training, guidance, questions and feedback as you move forward on your own funnel building journey. 

Done For You (DFY) options provide the opportunity to hand over responsibility for delivery to someone with expertise or more experience in the field as and when needed. 

So which way to go?

DWY options are mainly for those with available time, a desire to build up their own (or their team’s) experience and skills, but also some money to allocate towards guidance, help and advice — if it means they can deliver the assets they need more effectively and efficiently.

DFY options are mainly for those who don’t have enough time, inclination or desire to DIY (or find, trial and hire freelancers for that matter), have decided certain tasks are not the best use of their time, have a bottleneck holdings things up or are just finding progress frustratingly slow. And so want to allocate resources in a way that ensures the job gets done efficiently, effectively and on time (while they get on with something more befitting their talents instead).

Remembering of course, whichever way you choose to go, you still have the flexibility to move between delivery options from module to module (including DIY with the aid of our processes) as you progress and budgets allow or it makes most sense for you to do so.

Which is nice.

For more information on specific Digital Asset Delivery’s we can assist with, along with individual prices and prices, click on the big button below.

No payment required until a project request is confirmed.

Squeeze Page Copywriting


Our Squeeze Page Copywriting Services are built on efficient processes designed to minimise head scratching and second guessing, to deliver fully optimised Squeeze Pages that transform cold visitors into warm leads and engaged subscribers with copy that's clear, resonates and connects.

Our Squeeze Page Copywriting Services are modular by design so you can quickly get what you need, without wasting time and money on what you don’t. Your page can be written, running and visitors converting - into subscribers, warm leads and motivated buyers - in just 3 simple steps…

1. Quiz & Quote

2. Avatar & Brief

3. Copywriting

So, before you waste any more time, money and resources on traffic that doesn’t convert, take a step back and let us fix your Squeeze Page first...

Conversion Copywriting

At the heart of symbiotic marketing is symbiotic communication, which is all about connecting your deeds with your audiences needs, in a way that can cut through the clutter, resonate and connect. However, when you’ in the middle of all that connecting and resonating, it’s easy lose sight of the end-game objective: converting that connection into actual sales.

And so while our 3-part conversion copywriting process has been designed to deliver copy that does communicate relevantly, succinctly and with brevity, it’s also been designed to ensure the core purpose: moving hearts, minds and trigger fingers naturally towards clicks, conversions and sales - is not lost along the way.

And so the objective is not just copy that connects, but also copy that converts.

Here's the bad news bit...

Copy that converts doesn’t suddenly appear in a quick burst of inspiration, creativity and flowery words. Copy that converts comes from a process, a process that digs deep, a process that prepares the ground and a process that takes an open-minded approach to testing, iteration and exactly what-will-work. 

Copy that converts takes time, persistence and patience to achieve. And when you work with a conversion copywriter, it’s very much a collaborative two-way street. So it’s not for everyone, but (here's the good news bit)...

If clear, connecting, conversion-focussed copy is something that resonates with you, if it is something you’re prepared to work towards, simply because it’s something you feel you need. Then, we’d be really happy to get you onboard with our process and do what we can to help you succeed...

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail..

Our preparation involves a simple 3-part process. Each process is designed to research and document everything we'll need, so that when the time comes to hit the keyboard, the right words will be ready to flow and we can confidently deliver a page that is perfectly on-point and ready to roll.

Each process builds upon the next, but each also has independent value and so can be purchased separately or bundled into a full package as you please . On completion of each part - even if you decide not to proceed any further - we'll deliver a completed document, which you can then use to effectively guide you and your team through all the copy and creative that follows. 

And waste not want not, the way we do things means prep documents for a Squeeze Page, can also be utilised for the prep of a Landing Page, which can in turn be used to prep a Sales Page (and vice-versa), which can save time, money and headspace. Which is always nice.

It's all quite easy, peasy one, two, threasy...

Step 1 Is The Customer Avatar Process

Where we get crystal clear on exactly who you want to connect with. 

Step 2 Is The Value Proposition & Marketing Message Process

Where we figure out how to quickly communicate the value you can deliver in a way that your target audience will clearly understand. 

Step 3 Is The Brief Process

Where we collate everything together and fill in any gaps in our understanding.

Then once everything is nicely percolating through our brains - but also clearly documented and not lost to posterity - we'll be chompin' at the bit to start the actual writing process. 

And so if our Conversion Copywriting Processes sound like something you’d like to get your teeth into…

No payment required until a project request is confirmed.

Einstein sticks his tongue out

Misattribution is what happen's when you rely on the internet for quotes”

- Brian Einstein

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