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What's this? As the heading suggests, it's a convenient conduit to review examples of copy & content from a range of lovely Landing, Squeeze, Sales Page & Emails, so you can see how we roll...

Some are live pages (in fabulous technicolour), some are static images, while others let the words speak for themselves (in good old fashioned black & white).

Let's Go...

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Squeeze Pages (Gold)

These pages follow a straightforward 'best practices' format (check the first link to the right for a quick explainer) providing all the essential 'above the fold' elements of a well optimised Squeeze Page, which has one simple job: to communicate the benefits of signing up for our lovely Lead Magnet.

If you fancy an upgrade, we also have...

Squeeze Pages (Platinum)

These pages begin with the aforementioned 'above the fold' format, but now we simply add an additional informative 'What You Get' type section (below the fold). 

You can then split test and see which performs best. Bingo.


Value First Landing Pages 

The best way to think of these pages, is something along the lines of a Squeeze Page-Lead Magnet hybrid. The presence of educational information/actionable content that you'd usually find in a Lead Magnet, is what gives these pages their 'value-first' status, because you're not holding anyone to ransom. Which is always nice, right?

A variation on this theme is the Action Guide Blog Post, but let's stick with the job in hand, as we upgrade to...

Awareness Content & Action Guides

This is the content (typically text or video) we use to introduce what you do, with less pushing to sell and more education to build awareness instead. No pressure then? Not really, no. Because the point here is not to sell (yet), but to build some trust that you know's your stuff.

Depending on the stage of awareness the two main categories are...

1. Cold to warm.  As in warming-up cold visitors, pulled in from ads, social or SEO and then nudging them towards a free lead magnet and/or to sign up to your list. This is typically, the first, no pressure, first touch in the form of an introductory guide to a concept or idea or a step-by-step solution to a problem your target audience needs help with.

2. Warm to transform. These fit more into the next stage, generally for existing, engaged subscribers where the objective is to continue to build up awareness with more 'how-to'. Now with nudging towards outcomes that can be achieved via paid products and services, thus 'transforming ' subscribers into paying client or customers. Good fit for courses and coaching programs or any situation where people need guidance to progress.

Either way, the skilful bit, is the strategic bit. Meaning each content piece must begin with a clear objective. Something that moves the prospect forward, mentally, emotionally, possibly even physically, even just a little bit.

Lead Magnets, Checklists, Guides & Workbooks

This is the more tangible content - usually in PDF format - that can be downloaded and kept for future reference and use. Generally conceived, written and designed with forward movement, action and tangible beneficial outcomes in mind. They can be free lead magnet style checklists or introductory guides for consumption at the top of the funnel. Or more advanced and in-depth Transformer (aka Tripwire) type low cost/high value products. Either way, the objective they tend to have in common is to help prospects move forward, build awareness and deliver at least one tangible result with you as their trusted guide.

PDF's such as these can be conceived, planned, written and/or designed with or without fillable interactive fields, as suits your needs.

Einstein sticks his tongue out
“Everything must be made as simple as possible, but  not simpler” 
- Albert Einstein

Transformer Sales Pages

The BIG difference here is we're now  focussed on actual "get your card out" moments (a Transformer is a low-cost, high value first sale). So we build upon the Squeeze Page Platinum format by boosting the benefits; fanning the features; providing the process; showing the social proof and of course - driving everything towards that all-important BUY ME NOW button.

Then, we can take a logical, natural step towards all-important Core Product sales by way of...

Process & Explainers

Step-by-step explainers of how a product or service is delivered can form part of a larger sales page or be standalone pages linked from, or to, a sales page, enquiry or order form. There is an option to keep it short and sweet - especially if you have an explainer video - and use it as a warm-up to a longer Core Product Sales Page (or include a process section in a longer Sales Page).

If a standalone, crucially the page still needs an end objective, which means a bit of good old-fashioned 'curiosity-gets-the click' or clear direction to make an enquiry, book a call, complete an order form or you might prefer to help your keen-as mustard, soon-to-be customer close the curiosity gap with...

Long Form Sales Pages

You may have come across the adage “A sales page can never be too long - only too boring”.

Maybe. Personally, I prefer to take the advice of Einstein “Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” which leads me to my own adage “a sales page should be as long as it needs to be, but definitely no longer”.

Of course, when it comes to Sales Pages for colossal Core Products at premium prices or low ticket pages aimed at cold audiences, then of course, they do need to be longer. There’s more of a story to tell; awareness to build, problems to agitate; objections to address; risk to reduce, and of course a bigger, better solution to reveal. 

Which is fine - as long as we don't lose sight of the fact they should also be lean, mean selling machines.  Well, maybe not mean, but you get the point: if you keep it lean, you keep 'em keen.

Service Pages

Service pages can take the long form 'salesy' route (see above) particularly if the service in question is a premium priced one. But long-form sales copy is not always needed (or desired by the target market) certainly for the low-mid priced, productised type anyway. What they do still need to do is clearly communicate the value of the service, the delivery mechanism, the pricing and of course the next action to take, such as - booking a call, making an enquiry, requesting a quote or submitting an order form.

Caveat - a Directory Page is one suited to businesses with numerous services, where a summary of each can be provided as an overview, with options to click-thru to dig deeper into individual pages for specific services.

Email Sequences

Email sequences are the glue that connects your awareness content and squeeze pages (where you collect subscribers) to your sales pages (where you monetise). Each email providing a piece of the puzzle, that step-by-step takes your new subscriber on a journey from "welcome" to "awareness" to "education" to "first sale" and more.

Video (Scripts & Ads Copy)

Whether for an ad or a process video, key to success is understanding who needs to see what and when. And so the starting points of any video based marketing strategy is understanding which stage of awareness you're making the video for (unaware, problem-aware, solution-aware, product-aware, most-aware) and then ensuring it provides something of value at that stage, while moving the viewer towards the next stage as well.

In the case of video ads, objectives are usually attention, awareness or ascension. The attention of cold audiences (unaware, problem aware, solution aware) is highly competitive,  so hooks, headlines and value propositions that quickly connect are key. With warmer audiences (problem-aware, solution-aware, product-aware), where you have recognition (retargeting to existing subscribers or customers for example), you still need to communicate value, while reminding, re-enforcing and driving actions towards sales.

Then there are process, educational or how-to type videos. These are the videos that people (problem aware, solution-aware, product-aware) actually search for on youtube, when trying to solve problems, research or learn mopre about something. These may be similar to course lessons for example, but crucially they are also still marketing to prospects, so the selling or action taking piece needs to be strategised and integrated (even if just subtly sometimes).

The good news is, much of the written awareness, action guide, email and workbook content can be successfully adapted into these kind of process video or ad scripts, but crucially, video scripts need to me more direct, less verbose, more succinct and natural sounding, while maintaining interest and moving things forward. And of course, more often than not, visuals can say much more, in shorter spaces than verbally explaining things ever could. And so the finer-art involves finding the balance while of course still being able to get attention, keeping it and directing the viewer towards an action we want them to take. Which - bad news bit - can involve a lot of script editing.

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