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What's this? As the heading suggests our Landing Page Portfolio Directory is a convenient conduit to some lovely Landing, Squeeze & Sales Page examples, so you can see how we roll...

Some are live pages (in fabulous technicolour), some are static images, while others let the words speak for themselves (in good old black & white).

Let's Go...

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Squeeze Pages (Gold)

These pages follow a straightforward 'best practices' format (check the first link to the right for a quick explainer) providing all the essential 'above the fold' elements of a well optimised Squeeze Page, which has one simple job: to communicate the benefits of signing up for our lovely Lead Magnet.

If you fancy an upgrade then, we also have...

Squeeze Pages (Platinum)

These pages begin with the aforementioned 'above the fold' format, but now we simply add an additional informative 'What You Get' type section (below the fold).

You can then split test and see which performs best. Bingo.


Value First Landing Pages 

The best way to think of these pages, is something along the lines of a Squeeze Page-Lead Magnet hybrid. The presence of educational information/actionable content that you'd usually find in a Lead Magnet, is what gives these pages their 'value-first' status, because you're not holding anyone to ransom. Which is always nice, right?

A variation on this theme is the Action Guide Blog Post, but let's stick with the job in hand, as we upgrade to...

Tripwire Landing Pages

The BIG difference here is now we're focussed towards an actual "get your card out" moment (a Tripwire is a low-cost, first sale). So, we build upon the Squeeze Page Platinum format by boosting the benefits; fanning the features; providing the process; showing the social proof and of course; driving everything towards that all-important BUY ME NOW button.

Then, we can take a gentle step towards our even more important Core Product sale with the help of...

Process Pages

A Process Page simply focuses on 'how it works'. You can keep it short and sweet (especially if you have an explainer video) and use it as a warm-up to a longer Core Product Sales Page. And if you round it off with a bit of good old-fashioned 'curiosity-gets-the click' (or an exit pop up if you prefer), you can then help your keen-as mustard, soon-to-be customer close the curiosity gap with... 


Core Product Sales Pages

You may have come across the adage “A sales page can never be too long; only too boring”.

Maybe. Personally, I prefer to take the advice of [I think?] Beatles manager Brian Einstein “Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”, which leads me to my own adage “A sales page should only be as long as it needs to be and definitely no bloody longer!”.

Of course, these are Sales Pages for our colossal Core Products at sometimes premium prices. So yes, they do need to be longer, because there’s more of a story to tell; there's more desire to build; more problems to agitate; more objections to address and of course a bigger, better solution to reveal. 

Which is fine. As long as we don't lose sight of the fact they should also be a lean, mean selling machines.  Well, maybe not mean, but you get the point.

Keep it lean, keep 'em keen i say.

Einstein sticks his tongue out
“Everything must be made as simple as possible, but  not simpler” 
- Albert Einstein

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