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What's this? It something that comes under the category of a 'limited scope project'. Basically, you can hire us to diligently focus on the delivery of one specific digital asset - within your wider project - allowing you to focus your talents elsewhere and still minimise delay. 

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An MTN package is an option that works best, when…

  • You have a bottleneck holding things up.
  • You lack the time, experience or skills to get a specific piece delivered in an effective and efficient way.
  • You have a million other things vying for attention and realise that working on a specific piece of the puzzle is not playing to your strengths or the best use of your time.
  • You’ve failed to get started or are struggling to stay focussed, make much progress or just get the damn thing done.

To ensure the most effective, efficient, VFM delivery - and maintain quality control - we keep tasks under this service category limited in scope. That said, we can still pretty much create, build and deliver any Symbiotic Ascension System or funnel related digital asset that involves words, images, video or audio. That could be a lead magnet, an email sequence, landing pages, ad copy & creative or any combination and connection of two or more pieces (or anything that can be delivered using our core stack of apps: Thrive SuiteActive Campaign or Visme.)

What’s the catch?

Glad you asked. 

No negotiation. If your job fits the criteria and you’re happy with the price and delivery time, we proceed, if not we don’t. Other than that, for a task to qualify it must directly relate to the delivery of an asset that can move you forward, whilst being achievable within a limited timescale we both agree is suited to a 3 hours per day scheduled format.

If your job does tick these boxes, then…

Each package of 15 hours of our undivided attention - 3 hours per day Mon-Fri - can be booked in a modular fashion - at £350 per module - as required.

On submission of a project brief, we avoid the usual work-making-work of proposals, estimates and negotiations and simply provide a realistic evaluation of how many modules should be required for delivery (1 week, 2 week, 3?). Point being, with the timescale, scope and cost baked in, you’ll pretty much know what to expect, when to expect it, how much it will cost and what you’re dealing with - before any work begins. In theory at least.

Sounds simple, but…

What if a job is completed early or can’t be delivered on time?

Granted, without a crystal ball such things can and will happen from time-to-time, which can add some complexity, but again, we try and keep it simple…

If there is a delay on the original delivery, we can either stop and hand it back to you, so you don’t incur any further cost, or continue at a reduced hourly rate (the onus then on us to give you an accurate and realistic estimate from the get-go).

And so…

The initial agreed timescale is charged at £350 per 15 hour week.

1 additional week adds £300

2 additional weeks adds £575

3 additional weeks adds £550

You get the idea.

If on the other hand we deliver early - another definite possibility -  we’ll credit your account for any unused hours, which can then be applied to any future service or product.

You also get access to a shared daily work log for the project, so you can see exactly how your time is spent, what progress has been made, and what we’ll be doing next.

The 3 hour per day format also lends itself to ongoing review, comments and feedback should the task be of a more collaborative nature.

The beauty of an MTN package is…

It allows you to tap into the varied talents of a team specifically trained to deliver SAS, funnel and digital assets with strategic support and ongoing backup.

You get the consistency and reliability of a team hire, the flexibility of a freelance arrangement, but without the usual stretched bandwidth or added expense.

Result being, a more efficient, productive and cost effective delivery and a lot less time-waste and delay.


If you have a specific piece of your funnel puzzle causing a bottleneck or delay, you want less faffing and more effective and efficient delivery - without it costing you an arm and leg or adding more work to your plate - an MTN package might, just might, be the way to go.

Next step…

For a no obligation test drive, simply complete the form below and we’ll get right back with more details of what we can do, how much it will cost and when we can start or to schedule a call to iron out the details with you.


No payment will be requested until a price and schedule has been agreed upon.

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