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How To Create A Value Proposition Statement & Customer Avatar (And Fix A Landing Page Bounce Problem)

How To Create A Value Proposition Statement & Customer Avatar With SAS Processes, Workbooks & Checklists

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Source: Symbiotic Ascension System: Create Your Value Proposition & Marketing Messages


How To Create A Value Proposition Statement And Customer Avatar

The objective of this Guide is to show how you can use various Workbooks, Checklists and Tools from The Symbiotic Ascension System to systematically create the kind of Customer Avatars and Value Proposition Statements, that ensure Landing Pages quickly connect with the kind of relevancy and relatability that draws people in, engages them to hang around and so reduce bounce rates.


One Step Forward…

We’re told making money online is easy. But the reality of tepid traffic, big bounces and crap conversions can tell a different story and in the middle of so much uncertainty – a happy ending can seem far, far away…

Bill Murray smashing alarm clock at 6am in Groundhog day


But life (and fiction) is – of course –  full of ups, downs, trials and tribulations and so it follows: no one gets their Landing Page running on all cylinders like a lean, mean selling machine on its first lap. The prize of a high-converting Landing Page, depends on figuring out what works and what doesn’t – which often means one step forward and two steps back (ad infinitum).

Gig where Bill Murray steps forwards and then reverses back (from Groundhog day)


Do You Have A Problem?

Imagine you’ve just opened a nice new bricks and mortar business that takes pride of place at the top of Alphabet Street. A prime location with lots of flashing lights means you can more or less guarantee passing trade (nice), but that comes at a price with the shadow of rent day constantly looming towards you (not so nice). And as quick as people come in, they’re on their way out again. No one seems that interested in what you have to offer or buys a single thing.

How’d that make you feel?

Groundhog day: Suicidal jump


At least one thing would be clear: something is wrong and it needs to be put right – fast.

If traffic’s not a problem, but conversions are – there’s an important message you need to tune into. And there’s a high probability that message is: your visitors just don’t see how you fit into their world.

Andi McDowell looking concerned in Groundhog day


If you don’t take steps to ensure the very first thing you say to visitors is of relevance, value and interest; simply, clearly and most importantly very quickly, then quite frankly: you’re playing Russian roulette…

“The average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 – or around the time the mobile revolution began – to eight seconds today.”

- Microsoft Research



Chance of departure - 100%


What’s The Solution?

In the Great Value Proposition Test, Copyhackers wanted to test the hypothesis that:

“Startups can increase micro-conversion from their home page by using their Value Proposition as the headline (and subhead)”

“Over 11 tests, the average lift was 33%, with 2 tests showing no improvement, some bringing in modest lifts (10%) and others eye-popping lifts (103%).”


Source: copyhackers.com

Andi McDowell in Groundhog day saying "why are you telling me this?"

Conclusion: Startups can increase micro-conversions by using a Value Proposition as a headline on their homepage.

Now, whether you class yourself as a Startup or use a Value Proposition on your homepage or not, it would seem logical that when you have a new Landing Page to set up or a bounce problem to fix: developing a good Value Proposition Statement would be a sensible place to start.


Bill Murray punches Bing (Groundhog Day)


Grab My Attention (Please!)

Let’s imagine another scenario. A scenario where potential customers are streaming in, but – what’s this? Now they’re hanging around; they’re examining your goods; kicking the tyres, intrigued, open and receptive to your wares.  They’re now in a place where you have their attention; making you a serious contender for their hard earned pounds and pence.

But how’s that?

If you can create a Value Proposition that’s relevant to your visitors pressing needs, then a positive ‘first-touch’ connection can be made.  They’ll no longer be cold and indifferent towards you, they’ll chose to give you a little more of their precious time and attention simply because: you’ve quickly and clearly communicated exactly what you can do for them (which is all they care about really).

And you’re back in the game.

Groundhog Day: Suicide jump in reverse.


And a much smarter, less risky game at that.


Let’s Be Clear…

Bill Murray gets slapped


An effective Value Proposition is a clear, simple statement that prioritises and focuses on:

  • Them (over you)
  • Solutions to problems (over products and services)
  • Benefits of solutions (over bells & whistles features)

Which – ideally – also communicates:

  • Who your ideal customer/target demographic is
  • Specific, tangible benefits to them
  • How you’ll deliver the product or service

And for bonus points, gets across:

  • What makes your offering so unique or different?


Your main Value Proposition is unique to you or your business and you will have one (whether you know it, or you’re communicating it effectively is another thing). But each Product, Service or Lead Magnet – ideally – should also have its own Unique Selling Proposition. You could (and I would argue: you should) create at least one new Value Proposition for every Landing Page, along with variations for testing.

And if that sounds like a lot of work…

Bill Murray steps ina puddle


The good news is: it doesn’t have to be.

Not if you have a consistent, reliable development process…

Here’s a good example of a Value Proposition (to kill two birds with one stone) of just such a process…



Following then is a taster of how you can create such a clear, relevant Value Proposition Statement with the aid of  Symbiotic Ascension System Workbooks & Checklists…

Bill Murray avoids walking in puddle


First Question: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

If you don’t begin with your ideal customer in mind, then your communication won’t be relevant, your copy will fail to connect, and – quite honestly – your conversions will be crap.

The point of  getting clear on who you’re talking to, is so you can better understand:

  • What problems they’re seeking to solve
  • How they perceive these problems
  • How this makes them feel

This enables you to clearly communicate how your offer is relevant to them, how it can benefit them, and let them know that it is actually, specifically for them (you don’t help ‘People’ – you help: Parents, Plumbers or Python Programmers).

Now, if you’ve already created a Customer Avatar you’re off to a flying start, if not, the next question is…


Do You Know…

Once you’re ready to create your Value Proposition Statement (or any marketing copy for that matter) you need to know – that you know – your Perfect Potential Customer’s thoughts, feelings, drives and desires well enough to ensure your communication really can connect.

Once you empathise and understand their real motivations, needs and even fears, you can begin to speak to them in a way that builds bridges of connection based on likability, trust and mutual respect. Then you’re able to create copy that connects, they’re able to love what you can do (for them) and they can become the perfect customer for you. Woo

Andi McDowell -hopeful smile - groundog day


To enable this, we create a Customer Avatar document. A document that contains “all we know and understand” about our Perfect Customer. This document forms the crucial foundation stone that all other steps in your funnel are built upon. And the deeper you dig; the greater you understand; the more solid this foundation will be.

So in theory, an Avatar is a wonderful thing (baby) and if you could miraculously pull a fully formed Awesome Avatar out of your top hat that really would be magic. But, if you find yourself a little confused, a little stuck, and staring at blank sheet of paper then…

Your starter for Ten is: Do you know, what you need to know?

Things like:

  • Demographics – the nuts and bolts, that define their everyday experience
  • Traits – what makes them tick; their values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Drivers – the problems, pains and fears that dictate what they do
  • Aspirations – the dreams and desires, that motivate them to do what they do

Once you’ve nailed these essentials, and clearly tuned into their wavelength, the upshot is:

Copy becomes easier to write (for you) and it resonates more deeply (with them).

You become more likeable and credible, which leads to a mutually beneficial relationship (for both of you).

And that means more conversions, more sales, and more ker-ching

And so…

Bill Murray raises first in sign of accomplishment


Everyone’s a winner (Babe).

To gather together the building blocks of an Awesome Avatar and get to know: “what you need to know” all you have to do is…

1. Take 5 mins to read the Action Guide:  First Steps To An Awesome Avatar


2. Download the FREE Awesome Avatar Checklist Set (Demographics, Traits, Drivers, Aspirations)

And you’re off to the races…

Get The Checklists & Get Clear On What You Need To Know Now


Now,  to really connect and ensure you do say the right thing, at the right time and don’t end up feeling ‘awkward’ you want to…


Transform An Average Avatar Into An Awesome Avatar

Knowing ‘what you need to know’ is Step 1. Step 2, is putting this ‘knowing’ together in a way that brings your Avatar to life.

And we do that not with an Average Avatar built on the basic demographics that most of your competition probably use (if they use any at all). We do it with the aid of backstories. Because it’s backstories that give you an edge. And its backstories that can transform you Average Avatar into an Awesome Avatar…

Groundhog Day hug


Backstories, such as:

The Thinks-Feels-Says Story which helps you get a handle on your potential customer’s mindset as they begin their journey towards your solution.


The Buying Process Story. The story of how they became your happy, clappy customer. How they found you. Why they needed you. And, why they bought from you. Helping you better understand their thoughts, feelings and decision-making process along the way.

And once you understand these things you’ll be much, much, clearer on what you need to say, and when you need to say it.

And the good news is: it’s a deceptively simple technique that doesn’t take long to do, so it can compound its ROI many times over too.

To dig deeper into the backstories process check out this blog post:

How To Transform An Average Avatar Into An Awesome Avatar With Customer Backstories

Or Get The Complete Awesome Avatar Workbook Below (note the Value Proposition Statement!).

Symbiotic Ascension System. 3 Steps To An Awesome Avatar


The Awesome Avatar Workbook provides Entrepreneurs seeking more relevant and authentic communication with their potential customers, a key to greater insight, understanding and empathy, opening the door to copy that is truly congruent, deeply connects and actually converts.


A simple Process split into three user-friendly parts, each building upon the last to develop a deeper, richer, more fully rounded sense of exactly who you’re selling to, what they care about and why.


Get Your Workbook For Better Copy, Connection & Conversions Now!


An Awesome Avatar can be akin to a Vulcan mind-meld. This being your ‘in’ to a much deeper understanding of what your target audience is thinking and feeling as they search for a solution to their most pressing problem at various points in their journey and your funnel.

Which means, the point at which they land on your page is cer-ucial: you only get one chance to make a good first impression, right?

Andi Macdoweel says 'incredible' (sarcastically)


So, let’s talk about…


What Matters Most

It’s vital you can quickly and clearly let your vistors know: you’re on the same wavelength; they’ve come to the right place; and it could be well worth hanging around…

The way to capitalise on your ‘in’ and avoid it quickly becoming an ‘out’ is:

1. Use what you’ve learnt about your target customers thoughts, feelings, drives and desires to create a Value Proposition Statement that connects.

2. Ensure that this compelling Value Proposition Statement is the very first thing a Landing Page visitor reads.

And the key to creating a clear, relevant Value Proposition is to first define the all-important building blocks and core factors that matter most to your audience.

You can start this process in a matter of minutes with this FREE Value Proposition Checklist


First Steps To A Customer Specific Value Proposition

This Checklist will get you moving in the right direction by helping you focus on What Matters Most, which means prioritising:

– Them, over you

– Solutions to problems and turning pains into gains

– Tangible benefits of those solutions, over features

– How you’ll deliver the product or service

– An alignment of your offering with your customers needs

– Your unique value or difference over the competition

Download Your Value Proposition Checklist For FREE Here

… and you can have it for keeps, repeating the process for every new product or marketing campaign you launch.


Once all the raw materials are gathered up, the hardest part is done. Now, it’s time to blend everything seamlessly together with some fancy…


Mixing, Matching & Fine Tuning

Although the checklist provides a nice, clear roadmap of ‘what you need to know’ to bring everything together to create one effective, clear and succinct Value Proposition Statement does take a little more work. So the more advanced Complete Process Workbook is intended to ensure you don’t go losing your momentum…

Part 1: The Gathering

Converts the points in the checklist into a series of interactive exercises that help you gather together the raw materials to work with.

Part 2: Coming Together

Utilises a further set of exercises to help identify the strongest recurring themes and then helps mix, match and whittle them down until you have three or four really strong ideas to work with.

Part 3: Adjust To Taste

Is where you’re encouraged to fine-tune your ideas, cut the fluff and make every word count, so you end up with two or three very clear, simple and succinct statements that really can connect.

Let’s use the main Value Proposition for this workbook to (er) – literally – illustrate the point.

Well, It's Groundhog Day... Again...


Here, we’re ideally aiming for a maximum of 2-3 sentences that articulates your Value Proposition by:

1. Mentioning WHO you serve


2. Acknowledging A PAIN


3. Stating Your SOLUTION


4. Clarifying HOW you deliver it


5. Utilising a BENEFIT



Designed for entrepreneurs with high bounces, low conversions, spiralling costs and lack of time. The Value Proposition Workbook is a simple, step-by-step process designed to deliver powerful introductions to Landing Pages, that quickly and clearly communicate what’s most meaningful and relevant to a target audience. Leading to less bounces, more buying and a boost to your bottom line.

Value Proposition Workbook

Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1.5.2


And Speaking Of Bottom Lines…

If you can:

  • Reduce this information down to 2 or 3 short sentences
  • Present it clearly, simply and succinctly
  • Ensure it is the first thing a visitor sees/reads

Then in just a few seconds – and without them having to think much at all – your visitors will have registered:

  • What you do
  • Who it’s for
  • How you do it
  • What’s in it for them

Which means they’ll be able to make a faster, more informed decision on whether to stick around or not.

Which is good for them and good for you.

It's so beautiful...


Did I hear a Woo?

Writing a Value Proposition Statement is not that difficult as long as you have a clear, simple and consistent process to follow.

A strong, effective Value Proposition is one that ensures your visitors can quickly get clarity on what you do, how you do it and – most importantly – why they should care.

This Workbook provides a simple interactive process that can quickly and consistently deliver Value Proposition Statements that work to do exactly that.

You do understand what I’m saying don’t you?

Andi Macdowell says "I do" (in 3 weddings & a funeral)


Oops, wrong film. Anyway…

Ready to create a Value Proposition Statement that’s really relevant, crystal clear and quickly connects visitors needs with your deeds?


Get Your Workbook Now For Immediate Bounce Busting Pow!


Look Inside & See What You Get >>

No animation? Never fear, click here.


Interactive and editable sections mean you can work through each question in the workbook (using any PDF viewer) and fill in the answers as you go.

You can save the PDF and repeat the process to develop new Value Propositions and Marketing Messages every time you bring a new product, service or Lead Magnet to market.


Click Here To Find Out More


PS: Just One More Quick Thing…

Bill Murray: I'd like to say a prayer and drink to world peace.


If you run through the steps in this workbook each time you have a New Product or Service to launch, you’ll end up with a wealth of ideas you can use as a starting point for writing copy for all your ads, emails, headlines and calls-to-action throughout your funnels and marketing campaigns (there’s even a swipe section in the Workbook to record these ideas). So don’t hold back – brainstorm the pants off this thing!

For less than a tenner (I know, it’s a steal) you can get your Landing Page off to a flying start in only a few hours from now.


There’s a 3-Part Bonus Section Too…


Groundhog pops out of the ground

Step 4 Bonus Section: Formulas, Checklists & Boosters


Find Out More Here!



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