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Super-powers on the wane and just not getting round to completing the task at hand? 

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Our Squeeze Page Copywriting Services are built on efficient processes designed to minimise head scratching and second guessing, to deliver fully optimised Squeeze Pages that transform cold visitors into warm leads and engaged subscribers with copy that's clear, resonates and connects.

So, before you waste any more time, money and resources on traffic that doesn’t convert, take a step back and let us fix your Squeeze Page first...

How it works...

Our Squeeze Page Copywriting Services are modular by design so you can quickly get what you need, without wasting time and money on what you don’t. Your page can be written, running and visitors converting - into subscribers, warm leads and motivated buyers - in just 3 simple steps…


1. Quiz & Quote

Get a ballpark quote in minutes. Simply browse the ‘what do you need?’ options or take the quick quiz  below and let the computer guestimate your cash cost. If it looks like its within your budget, we can swiftly move along…


2. Avatar & Brief

First things first, creating effective conversion-focused copy for Squeeze Pages begins by getting crystal clear on exactly who you want to connect with and exactly where their heads at. If that's already pretty clear and you can supply a reasonably comprehensive Target Customer Avatar Profile then that can save us both time and you money. Which is always nice.

Otherwise, we can help you pull your Awesome Avatar together either via a pre-arranged call or with the aid of questionnaire and then deliver a complete and comprehensive profile document back to you ASAP. Meaning, going forward, you have a solid starting point for every piece of copy you create throughout your funnel. Which might also be pretty nice.

That said, if this is a one-off and you don’t require a standalone Avatar document for use with future projects right now, we can incorporate the essential audience info into the Copy Brief...

The Copy Brief is where we gather together all the essential information we need into one handy reference document to ensure once we come to craft the copy, we’re crystal clear on  essentials such as objectives, problems, solutions, features and benefits.


3. Copywriting

The advantages of gathering all this essential information together in one fell swoop are two-fold. Firstly, as soon as all the information is collated, the pen-to-paper work of actually drafting the copy can begin. Secondly, with all this information fresh, front of mind and easily referenced, the work of crafting clear copy that resonates and connects becomes oh-so much easier to do. Meaning, better results for you, and far less correcting, editing and jiggery-pokery too.

Win/Win sort of thing.

The Core Of Your Squeeze Page Copy 

What exactly do you need?

The core modules of our Squeeze Page Copywriting process involve some combination of the following...

- Customer Avatar Information

- Squeeze Page Copy Brief

- Copywriting (Duh)

A module can also have different levels to choose from. Generally, the silver levels cover the essentials, the gold’s dig deeper and the platinum choices are - bargain - bundled packages. Woo.

Just in case there's any confusion, we've knocked up a little diagram to help you figure out what you may need…

Squeeze Page Modular Decision Path

Or you can take the quick quiz and let the hive-mind come back with a suggested package and price for you....

Squeeze Page Copywriting Modules

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  • Your target audience has not been documented 
  • You want the essentials to get going
  • You want an Avatar for future use
  • Time is a bit tight
  • 60-90min Call 
  • Demographics
  • Core Traits
  • Core Drivers
  • Core Aspirations





  • Your target audience has not been documented 
  • You want the essentials plus customer backstories for deeper understanding
  • 60-90min Call 
  • All Avatar Silver Items
  • Thinks-Feels-Says Story
  • Buying Process Story





  • Your Avatar is done & dusted
  • Budget is a bit tight
  • You're the cautious type
  • 60-90min Call 
  • Objectives
  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Outcomes
  • Market Stage
  • Offer Type





  • One off project
  • You want to keep it simple
  • Not bothered about having a separate Avatar for other uses
  • Time is tight & you want all the prep done in one go
  • 90-120min Call 
  • All Brief Silver Items
  • Audience Needs & Drives
  • Audience Motivations
  • Audience Awareness




- Essential MODULE  

  • First Draft Ideas
  • x3-5 Value Proposition Statements 
  • x3-5 Benefit Statements 
  • x3-5 Qualifying Statements
  • x3-5 CTA Statements
  • Final Draft
  • Wireframe Layout


Don't get stuck at the back of the queue...

- book now, pay later -

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That's it. 3 simple steps that can not only save you time, money and headspace by taking the hassle out of your Squeeze Page groundwork, but also bring the peace of mind that comes with clearer communication, better connection and of course...

More conversions. 

Take The First Step & Get On Your Way To Copy That Connects & Converts Today...

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