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E15. Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 First Steps Review

Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 First Steps Review


This Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 First Steps Review, is the first email in a sequence that can optionally follow the main Action Guide Sequence.

This is really our last chance to get any remaining stragglers onboard before we really, do need to take the hint and move on (meaning by the end of the sequence, if still no significant engagement, we should really remove them from the list to keep it clean and lean and optimise our open and conversion rates).

In this sequence, yes, we’re reviewing the Action Guides, but these emails differ from the Summary at the end of the last sequence, in that, they’re not intended to be sent to everyone as a reminder/consumption prompt. They’re only sent to those that have not downloaded specific Action Guides or purchased specific [Tripwire] Workbooks.

Specifically, this first email is only sent to those that have not downloaded all of these first 3 Action Guides. Reviewing all three steps here, it would be hard to keep this email to an acceptable length (I tried and failed), but we do ideally want to speed things along towards the main events (in the following emails) i.e. The Tripwire Action Guide/Workbooks.

So, I decided to focus everything towards getting a click-thru to a new blog post which then reviews the first three steps and provides the links directly to the Action Guide Download Pages [Example] rather than creating an epic email, that just wouldn’t be practical. It depends, of course, on the content of your Action Guides (and how many you have), you might be able to do what I’ve done in this blog post in your email with links directly to the downloads.

To be clear – the emails that follow in this sequence, will focus on just one Action Guide each as they’re higher priority, focussing as they do on the Tripwire Products (so, actual sales then).

Additionally, this can be an opportune moment to also present an offer or alternative package. Here for example, at the end of the blog post, I’m introducing a bundle for convenience comprising all the Action Guides & Workbooks at a standard price. Later – in a separate offer sequence – we can also create a last opportunity to get this bundle at a discount to anyone that has still not made a purchase.



The Level 1 Action Guides Are Through, Let’s Review…

So how did you do? 😬

Did you manage to follow through and take action on all five steps? 😒

What’s that? You missed something? Oh No! Obviously, there’s no hope for you… 😦

You’re DOOMED to failure! 😮

You’ll NEVER amount to anything! 😭

You’ll probably die sad, hungry and alone… 😱

Oh, the DER-AMAR! 😏


Joking Aside…

How did you do?

If you managed to follow through on all five steps then – well done you.

But, if you didn’t quite make it? Well…

I’m in no a position to judge.

I know how it goes, trying to find the motivation for what is basically uphill ‘work’ can be a challenge. Which is why your why matters so much. Your why, is the end result you seek, which is not the Funnel bit; it’s the why you want the Funnel bit. What will this Funnel mean for your business? What tangible outcomes will you see? And ultimately, how will it change things for you?

As you ponder these questions, hopefully, you’ll discover you really do have something of substance to motivate you, but – like everyone else – you’re still gonna have bad days. It’s a rare (aka: annoying) person who gets anything – worth doing – done and dusted (well) in one seamless, straight line of ascending positive momentum.

**Unless your the next Mark Zuckerberg of course (in which case, you won’t be needing any more advice from me).**

When it comes to serious work, big projects, the really important, worthwhile stuff – it just doesn’t work like that.

** What? You’re not “Crushing It!” 💪 every day Nick?**

It is rather, perfectly natural and normal for things to move in zig-zags and waves as you figure out what to do, how best to do it (and when you get it wrong how to make it right).


HOW We Do It

And so, to make it as easy as possible for you (and me, actually) to keep taking action, keep moving forward and avoid so many of those “Ok, what now?” scenarios, I purposefully created these inter-connecting Action Guides, Checklists and Workbooks to provide not just the WHAT; but also the all-important HOW.

And the HOW makes all the difference, simply because the next step is actually, always right in front of you – you just have to take it. Maybe slowly, possibly gingerly, almost certainly diligently, but however you choose to approach it; at least you know it is there to take and it will take you in one clear direction: forwards, right? 👉


So, before we wrap the Level 1 Foundation up, I just want to try and ensure you are on top of things, so you can hit the ground running with Level 2 and begin building all that fun stuff straight off the bat… 😋


So, Let’s Get You Caught Up…

Remember, a Smart Sales Funnel is simply, a systemised means of introducing yourself to new people and naturally, gradually building a beneficial relationship built on trust, respect and mutual understanding. So…

In Steps 1 to 3, I asked you to think about your products and offers as strategic stepping stones on this relationship building path, a path leading to a happy-clappy ending for everyone.

A path that can help you plan your customer’s journey with clear sign-posts, basecamps or strategic pins on a map.

A path that can help you present the right product, to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time.

And a path that although may be a slower, steadier route, can also mean less bounces, more conversions, and a healthier bottom line over time.

And so, your three vital, strategic ‘getting to know each other’ basecamps were, drum roll please…

1. Define Your Core Product
2. Define Your Lead Magnet
3. Define Your Tripwire


Click Here For A Quick Review Of All The Free Tools, Action Guides & Checklists That Can Help Define Your Core Product, Lead Magnet & Tripwire Now

I know, I know…

This foundational stuff, can seem like a bit of a slog, but as every good Boy Scout and Girl Guide knows – it pays to be prepared. Putting the work in now – before you get stuck into actually building stuff – really does pay dividends in the long run; simply because it provides clarity on exactly where you’re heading; what you need to say; who you need to say it to; and when you need to say it. And that, in turn, makes all the work that follows so much more logical, that much more natural and – perhaps – even just a little bit ‘magical’.

This may not be your top priority right now and it may not be your most heartfelt commitment, but really, honestly; if you want to get this thing done; if you want to get to a place where you’re no longer scrambling around for business, chasing elusive perfect clients or losing too many potential customers; it has to be up there, and you have to get started – soon.

Lecture over.


The Good News Is …

You’ve got three clear days to get caught up, if you can only spare an hour a day, then you can complete all three steps by the time the next email hits your inbox, meaning you’ll be back on schedule and well on your way to having all the Level 1 Foundations firmly in place and ready to begin building by the end of the week.

Remember our golden rule, is to simply: complete the next step in front of you. 👉

Click here for a quick review of the first 3 steps and all the free tools that can help you nail your Core Product, Lead Magnet & Tripwire in quick succession now.



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