Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 Blueprint (Free Lead Magnet, Tripwire & Core Product Tools)

Take Your First Funnel Steps With These Free Lead Magnet, Tripwire & Core Product Tools

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Your Free Lead Magnet, Tripwire & Core Product Tools



To make it as easy as possible for you (and me, actually) to keep taking action, keep moving forward and avoid so many of those “Ok, what now?” scenarios, I purposefully created these free inter-connecting Action Guides, Checklist and Workbook tools to provide not just the WHAT; but also the all-important HOW.

And the HOW makes all the difference, simply because when you have the HOW the next step is actually, always right in front of you – ready for the taking. Maybe slowly, possibly gingerly, almost certainly diligently, but however you choose to approach it; at least you know it is there to take, and it will take you in one clear direction: forwards, right? 👉


So in this brief post, I just want to try and ensure you are on top of things, so you can hit the ground running when we begin building all that fun stuff… 😋

So, Let’s Get You Caught Up…

Remember, a smart Sales Funnel is simply, a systemized means of introducing yourself to new people and naturally, gradually building a beneficial relationship built on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

To create this magic of a world of possibility, where needs, deeds, hearts and minds can meet…

In Modules 1 to 3 of Level 1, I asked you to think about your products and offers as strategic stepping stones on this relationship building path, a path leading to a happy-clappy ending for everyone.

A path that can help you plan your customer’s journey with clear sign-posts, basecamps or strategic pins on a map.

A path that can help you present the right product, to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time.

And a path that although may be a slower, steadier route, can also mean less bounces, more conversions, and a healthier bottom line over time.

And so, your three vital, strategic ‘getting to know each other’ basecamps are, drum roll please…

Module 1. Define Your Core Product

Defining Your Core Product is Step 1 in the Funnel Framework simply because this is the target; this is the summit; the end goal; the main event and – if all goes according to plan – it’s also where you get to enjoy a great big hug from your happy, satisfied customers.

But before you can have a hope in hell of setting up an effective path to this Nirvana; you have to be very clear on just what it should do; who it should really be for; and exactly why it should exist.

In just 3 simple steps this first Action Guide will help you brainstorm, consider, prioritise and then fine-tune your ideas into one core solution orientated product or service, that – ideally – also provides a tangible solution to a real problem for your future customers (and then some).

It tasks you to consider:

The biggest problems and needs in your market.

Current solutions.

Your ideas for solving these problems and meeting these needs.

Then after brainstorming your ideas, and prioritising a list of strong contenders and top choices, individually consider:

The main features.

How it can stand apart.

The tangible outcomes.

The promise it can deliver.

If you missed it, lost it or want to review it…

Click Here To Read The Action Guide: 3 Steps To A Killer Core Product

Click Here To DOWNLOAD The Free Core Product Checklist

Module 2. Define Your Lead Magnet

Your Lead Magnet, is an opening free gift, that says “hello, this is me, and this is how I can help you today”. No cost, no risk, so it’s all upside for anyone who’s smart enough to give you their email. Problem is: easy come, easy go. So you gotta do it right, right?


To avoid getting stuck with a bloated, lazy disinterested list that drains your precious resources, we focus on attracting the right kind of leads; the quality leads; the good-fit leads and so we dump the wrong magnet, in favour of the right magnet.

That’s a magnet put together with careful thought and foresight to provide actionable, process-orientated value; value that can be put to use again and again.

In just 3 simple Steps this Action Guide will help you:

Identify your audiences ‘before and after’ stages of awareness, so you can develop a Lead Magnet that smooths the journey from A to B.

Identify your leads specific problems, and the potential solutions you can deliver to ensure your Lead Magnet delivers a quick win in the form of a tangible outcome.

Ensure your Lead Magnet works to both effectively communicate your process and is a strategic first step towards your first sale.

Following these steps, will deliver a Killer Lead Magnet, that not only delivers real actionable value, but also sets your new casual friends onto a path that can lead to a more ‘committed relationship’. The kind of relationship that will deliver more Core Product sales in the long run.

So, what’s not to like, right?

Click Here To Read The Action Guide: 3 Steps To A Killer Lead Magnet Here

Click Here To DOWNLOAD The Free Lead Magnet Checklist

Module 3. Define Your Strategic Tripwire

A Tripwire is a good value, low-cost product with the sole purpose of making that first buy a bit of a no brainer.

This third Action Guide can help you reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs and boost your Customer Lifetime Values by showing the benefits of dumping the Bog Standard Random Gateway Tripwire – where the customer journey is less logical and natural making you more of an unwanted disruption than a welcome influence – in favour of creating a Gold Standard Strategic Tripwire.

Done right, this is the kind of Tripwire than can make the next leg up (to your Core Product) a lot less of a stretch for your followers, and much more of a seamless, natural, next logical step that gently, skillfully and naturally transforms luke-warm leads into red-hot repeat customers.

In just 3 more simple steps, this Action Guide will provide the tools to create a Strategic Tripwire that can help you…

Present new process knowledge, leading to learning, growth and a satisfying after state for your first-time customers.

Produce a tangible solution to an important problem, leading to a positive, satisfying experience (a key pillar that builds repeat business).

Naturally and gradually build a strategic bridge to the sale of your Core Product and beyond.

Click Here To Read The Free Action Guide: 3 Steps To Strategic Tripwire

Click Here To DOWNLOAD The Free Tripwire Checklist

The Good News Bit …

If you can only spare an hour a day, then you can have all the first three steps completed in the next three days, meaning you’ll be on schedule and well on your way.

And when you’re ready to move on, we can review…

Module 4: The Awesome Avatar Action Guide & Checklist, reminding you how to get to the crux of ‘what you need to know’ about your Perfect Potential Customer so you can effectively communicate the right things, in the right way, at the right time and lead them to your Core Product in the most natural and frictionless way.

And then…

Module 5: The Value Proposition Action Guide & Checklist and the eight crucial building blocks you need to create quick, clear connections and good first impressions (and keep your bounce rate down).

Most importantly though, right now, if there’s anything from the first three steps you missed, make sure you click on at least one link, to download at least one Action Guide, crack it open and take the next step on your path to world domination – today.

One steady step at a time, will get your Funnel up and running, but if you really want to crack on then check out… 👉

The Complete Level 1 Action Guide Workbook Bundle

Take the fast track and Nail All 5 Steps Of Your Funnel Foundations In Double Quick Time, with the help of this super-set of Five Action Guides & Workbooks

This Bumper Bundle Includes:

Module 1: The Killer Core Product Action Guide

Module 2: The Killer Lead Magnet Action Guide

Module 3: The Strategic Tripwire Action Guide

Module 4: The Awesome Avatar Workbook

Module 5: The Value Proposition Workbook


No animation? Never fear, click here.

Each individual Level 1 Action Guide provides clear, simple to follow step by step processes to help get you started. But taking this bumper bundle fastrack option means you’re less likely to lose your momentum and much more likely to get your Funnel Foundations in place and ready to deliver more of the kind of high quality leads that actually do convert, sooner, rather than later.

Get The Complete Level 1 Action Guide & Workbook Bundle Here

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