The Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1.3: Tripwire Guide & Checklist (Blog Image)

3 Steps To A Strategic Tripwire (Action Guide & Checklist)

The Bulletproof Funnel Framework

Level 1.3: Strategic Tripwire Action Guide & Checklist

1.3: Tripwire Action Guide & Checklist - Now you’re all getting to know each other nicely, things are warming up. You’re no longer strangers, you’ve provided value, you’ve shown you know your stuff. But, it’s not quite time to go for gold. It is however, a natural time in the relationship to take things to the next level. You can test the water and ask for a little silver… A Tripwire is typically a low cost, low risk purchase, anywhere from £1-20, that is process orientated; providing some detail on how to fix a problem. However, it needs to deliver more value than it’s ticket price; it needs to over-deliver so you, your business and your products are associated with a positive experience. Do this, and you get to take the relationship up a level, take your credibility and trust factors up a level, and move into the realm of an actual financial transaction. This matters, because once a transaction has taken place, it’s statistically much more likely future transactions will also take place. You’re taking your warm leads and converting them into a hot customers. Ensure that this product or service is in alignment with your core product.

Source: Bulletproof Funnel Framework 1.3: Tripwire Action Guide & Checklist.



To do its job and bring your customers back, a Tripwire needs to over-deliver on value, so your business and your products are associated with a positive experience and leave your new customers eager for more.  

Clearly defining your Lead Magnet first, your Tripwire second, and your Core Product third, seems like the logical order for some quick wins (Lead Magnets and Tripwires are obviously less work than a Core Product) and it is, of course, natural to want to get crackin’ building your list. But, if you do take this route, you also run the risk of running up your customer acquisition costs, running down your customer lifetime value ratios and that ultimately means…

Your bottom line will suffer and the competition will be tougher. 

Clearly defining what your Core Product should be is Module 1 in the Funnel Framework because this is the target; the summit; the end goal. And the reason for that is: selling Core Products is the only way you can have a viable long term business. If you lose sight of this you can easily waste a lot of time confused, directionless and lost down rabbit holes.

Defining your Tripwire is step 3 (not 2), because this is the bridge between your Lead Magnet and your Core Product and you can’t build a bridge until you have two-points to build between, right?

A Strategic Tripwire is a bridge you can build between your Lead Magnet and your Core Product that has the feel of a smooth, natural, obvious next step. If on the other hand you treat your Tripwire as an after-thought and end up with a bog standard random gateway, then you’ll lose your continuity; they’ll lose their momentum; and you’ll both miss the opportunity to move things forward in a natural, logical way.

Don’t do that. Follow these 3 simple steps instead…


Step 1

Consider the following questions to help you work through your ideas, and also record your thoughts to help you with additional steps; such as developing your value Proposition (Level 1.5) and Landing Page Copy (Level 3.4), a little later on.

What’s the main problem your Core Product/Process solves?

Sidenote: If you need help check out the Level 1.1 Core Product Guide here.

At this stage in the Funnel (where prospects are aware of the problem, but not the solution), what are you able to offer that can help alleviate some aspect of their main problem (without completely solving it – that’s your Core Product’s job), and further convince on your method or process?


Step 2

A Tripwire that is aligned with (or part of) your Core Product and its processes, will be much more effective in ascending your customer to a sale of that Core Product down the line. So any ideas that tick the alignment box should ideally take precedent.

Sidenote: You can have multiple Tripwires (and Lead Magnets) associated with one Core Product, but it’s best to get just one nailed first to get the ball rolling.

So now, consider…

Are there any parts of your Core Product or its processes that can also help with any of the aspect-problems identified in Step 1?

Flesh out how you think each might look as a product or service: the format, how it would be consumed, the objective, the process, and the outcome.

Which of these ideas that appeal to you, would also be cost-effective to produce at a price point below £15?


Bonus Points

How could you (simply) communicate these ideas?


Are you good?

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good


Good! Now, you can move on to…


Step 3

Download The Complete Tripwire Action Guide & Checklist Here!

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This FREE PDF Workbook will allow you to work through each step in your own time and then use the checklist to compare your best ideas. And once you’ve downloaded it for keeps, you can repeat the process as many times as you want, whenever you want.

The fillable sections and checklist mean you can enter your info directly into the PDF (using any PDF viewer), then save it and keep it handy to refer to later.




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You’ll then have all the tools you need to create a Strategic Tripwire that can…


  • Present new process knowledge, leading to learning, growth and a satisfying after state for your first-time customers.
  • Produce a tangible solution to an important problem, leading to a positive, satisfying experience (a key pillar towards repeat business).
  • Naturally and gradually build a strategic bridge to the sale of your Core Product and beyond.


Pretty good, right?


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