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E16. Level 1 Review Part 2: How To Create A Customer Avatar

How To Create An Awesome Customer Avatar

Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 Review Part 2


This email “How to create an Awesome Customer Avatar”, is the second in the review sequence, a sequence that can optionally follow the main Action Guide Sequence).

Specifically, this second email is only sent to those that have not visited the Customer Avatar Action Guide or have not downloaded the Customer Avatar Checklist.

The priority here is to review the benefits of the Customer Avatar Checklists and to persuade the reader to download the checklists then take action prior to the next email.

A fundamental pillar of this review sequence is to also give/push an opportunity to catch up on any Action Guides, Checklists or Workbooks that may have been missed and persuade them to take action before the next email, in turn getting them properly set up and prepared for your Core Product.

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The path to a better feeling place begins here…

Why are you here?

Don’t worry, this is not quite the tricky, big old “question of life”, but it is connected.

On the face of things, it may seem you signed up for this list because you’re looking for answers to questions or solutions to problems, and it’s quite likely that’s true, however…

There’s almost always something else too. Something that motivates you to seek answers to your questions.

Human beings have evolved to seek solutions, but why?

Survival? Naturally.

Status? Possibly.

Curiosity? Maybe.

So, again, I’ll ask you to think for a moment: what really brings you here?

I don’t mind waiting, but if you need more time…


You’re Not Alone

Figuring out our “Why?” can be a lot less simple than it sounds. Which is also why so many people are willing to pay good money, to sit on a couch and talk to a nodding stranger about their childhood.

Even if you have a vocation; something you believe you were born to do, something that gets you leaping out of bed each morning and powers you over the inevitable humps of the day, that ‘something’ is probably not what really drives you, what drives you is probably the desire to feel…


Something else,  something… better?

Not a hierarchical “I’m better than you” sort of thing (although it definitely could be that too), but the sense that some situation is now better than it was or will feel better sometime soon. This is the better feeling place. A place, we all quite naturally gravitate towards.

And so, here’s the crux of the thing: for me to get myself to that better feeling place, I need to figure out how I can help you to get to that better feeling place, and for you to progress from that better place to an even better feeling place; you’ll need to figure out how to help your potential customers or clients get to their better feeling place too.

Which unfortunately means – unless you’ve got the route all figured out – we still have work to do…

I know. Boo.


A place for everything and everything in its place

Continuing our Level 1 review, hopefully **I’ve been praying for you** you’ve had enough time (or inclination) to connect the dots between Steps 1, 2 & 3 and you now have a clear sense of how our Lead Magnet ‘leads’ to our Tripwire and how our Tripwire ‘leads’ to our – all-important – Core Product etceteraah…

Which is super-duper, but without the most important foundation of all; the foundation that can underpin and strengthen every step that follows, the foundation that is your Awesome Avatar

…there’s a very good chance your communication won’t be that relevant, your copy will fail to connect and your conversions will be quite crap, which is definitely not ‘the place to be’.

To really, effectively connect everything concretely together, we need to create a natural path of least resistance, a path that can logically, strategically lead our audience to their better feeling place (and ours too). And we can more effectively lay this path by better understanding who our ideal customer is, who they want to be, where they want to be and also, most importantly of course – you guessed it – why?

And a very good way **even if I do say so myself** to quickly begin creating a map to this better feeling place, is by downloading and working through:

First Steps To An Awesome Customer Avatar (4 Part Checklist Set & Action Guide)


To create a reliable roadmap to this better feeling place and connect our deeds with their needs, we begin at the beginning and ask:

Who is the perfect person who will sign up for my Killer Lead Magnet?

What is it, that brings them to my door?

What is most pressing on their mind right now?


And digging deeper, ponder…

What specific problems are they toying with?

What is their unique perception of these problems?

How do these problems make them feel?


Only then can you begin to communicate in a way that is:

More relevant to them

Clear on how it can benefit them

Articulated specifically, for them


And in a way, that makes the first few steps they take with you seem kinda promising and a potentially better route for them.

Review this simple process, each time you have a new Core Product, Lead Magnet or Tripwire to market and the upshot is…

Communication becomes easier (for you) and what you say resonates more deeply (with them).

They develop greater trust in you, which leads to a more mutually beneficial relationship (for both of you).

And that opens a credible route to relief (for them) and a route to more satisfied customers (for you).

Which means everyone is able to meet up in that better feeling place on time, on schedule, on form and ready to play.

Win/Win, right?


The first step to ‘getting to know, what you need to know’ about your Perfect Potential Customer so you can effectively map out a path to their better feeling place, is to simply download the free 4-part checklist set (Demographics, Traits, Drivers and Aspirations):

Get Your Free 4 Part Awesome Avatar Checklist Set Here


PS: Remember, this review sequence is all about helping you get caught up, so you can hit the ground running when we begin building all the fun stuff in Level 2.

Bottom line, if you want to create effective copy that meaningfully connects and clearly communicates on all the Landing Pages, Emails, Ads and Posts you’ll be creating in Level 2, you simply cannot skip this step.

But the good news is, you have at least two clear days to go through this Action Guide and download the Free Checklists (which will take you 15 mins tops), you’ll then be completely caught up, primed and ready to effectively bring all this stuff together into a complete Awesome Avatar document as soon as the next part of this review hits your inbox in two days or so from now.


Get The Awesome Avatar Checklist Set Now



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