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E10. Introducing The Customer Avatar Action Guide

Introducing The Customer Avatar Action Guide & The First Steps To The Most Important Foundation Of All


This is the fourth email in the Bulletproof Funnel Framework Action Guide Sequence, a series of emails with the primary intention of getting a click-thru to a corresponding Action Guide Blog Post; which in turn has the core intention of getting the reader to download the Action Guide or Checklist as a PDF for keeps. Email four is where we get the first hint of our Tripwire offerHowever – we’re not quite there yet.

You could go all out for the Tripwire sale here, but instead I’m taking a slow, steady and natural two-pronged approach, whereby each Tripwire (Modules 4 & 5) each have two parts to them. Part One (here) is pretty much exactly as in the last three steps; a push to visit an Action Guide and download a PDF, eonly difference being the blog version of this Customer Avatar Action Guide is more in-depth and the free PDF Checklist, is also a part of the ‘Complete Customer Avatar Workbook‘ (which is the actual Tripwire): so you get the first part as a taster for free. There is an opportunity to click-thru to the Tripwire Landing Page from the Blog Action Guide, but it’s not a hard push. That’s because we’ll do that in Part Two of this two-pronged approach if – and only if – a purchase is not made at this stage, so again we get a second chance (should we need it) with the next email.

You can if you wish, browse all the emails in this sequence here.



Ever Had An Imaginary Friend?

I don’t mean someone you ‘thought’ was a friend but then ran off with your first love (not that I’m bitter or anything).

Gif from Donnie Darko "I dont want to die alone"

No, I mean a friend that only existed in your imagination…

Gif from Donnie Darko "I dont want to die alone"

Imaginary friends are the best right?  Reliable, loyal, smart and witty (but conveniently – not quite as pretty as you).

Target customers can be a bit like that too – a little too good to be true.


It’s nice to dream about a hungry audience of raging fans who hang on your every word and love absolutely everything you do, but…

This is the real world.

Gif from Donnie Darko "Life isnt that simple"

Double boo, hoo.



In 3 Steps To A Strategic Tripwire, we discussed how creating a Tripwire that is a natural, logical bridge between your Lead Magnet (Base Camp #1) and your Core Product (Base Camp #3) can help you further level up relationships, so your warm leads naturally develop into the kind of hot customers that keep coming back for more.

If you missed the Step 3 email, you can read it here.



On With The Show…

Today, we take a step back to ensure that once you’re ready to write the marketing copy for your Tripwire, Lead Magnet and Core Product, you’ll be confident you have a realistic enough view of your Perfect Potential Customer that you can communicate the right things, in the right way, at the right time and lead them to your Core Product in the most natural and frictionless way.


Gif from Donnie Darko "Life isnt that simple"


Check Out Todays Action Guide First Steps To An Awesome Avatar Here



To enable this, we create a Customer Avatar document. A document that contains “all we know and understand” about our ‘Perfect One’. This document forms a crucial foundational stone that all other steps in our Bulletproof Funnel are built upon, and the deeper you dig; the greater you understand; the more solid this foundation will be. 

Which is nice.

Once you understand your perfect customer’s real wants, needs, drives and desires, you can begin to build bridges based on likeability, trust and mutual respect; you can create copy that connects; and they can begin to engage with what you do: making them the perfect customer for you. 


So in theory, an Avatar is a wonderful thing (baby) and if you could miraculously pull a fully formedAwesome Avatar out of your top hat – that really would be magic. But if you find yourself somewhat confused or a little bemused about where to begin. Then, your starter for ten is…


Do You Know, What You Need To Know?

Gif from Donnie Darko "Please tell me"

What you need to know, are things like:

  • Demographics – the nuts and bolts, that define their everyday experience
  • Traits – what makes them tick; their values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Drivers – the problems, pains and fears that explain why they do, what they do
  • Aspirations – the dreams and desires, that motivate them to do what they do

For example…

Aspirations are the things people dream about or the goals they have for their ideal future. It’s useful to know about aspirations of course, but the real gold lies beneath. If we dig deeper to understand what drives these aspirations (less what, more why), we can turn up real nuggets of insight, that can allow us to see our potential customers or clients in a whole new light, although…

It’s not always black & white.

Gif from Donnie Darko "I guess some people are just born with tragedy in their blood"

Once you have this insight; once you’re on the same wavelength; and once you can understand what makes them tick, the upshot is:

Copy becomes easier to write (for you), and it resonates more deeply (with them).

You become more likeable and credible, which leads to a mutually beneficial relationship (for both of you).

And that means more conversions, more sales, and more satisfied customers too.

And so…

Gif from Donnie Darko. Kids synchromised dancing scene

Everyone’s a winner (babe).


If I’ve made a half-decent job of creating my own Avatar, then it should in many ways describe someone like – you (who digs what I do). But hey, if you’re not into Monty Python – or a Donnie Darko fan – you’re still welcome too. But, the point is not to try and appeal to everybody (and please nobody), but to focus on those that are most likely to connect and do business with you.


The Good News Bit

To gather together the building blocks of an Awesome Avatar and get to grips with “what you need to know”, all you have to do is…

1. Take 10 mins to read the **highly entertaining** Action Guide: First Steps To An Awesome Avatar 

2. Download the FREE Awesome Avatar Checklist Set (There’s 4: Demographics, Traits, Drivers, Aspirations)

And you’re off to the races…

Remember, building an effective Funnel – that’s a Funnel that doesn’t leak your hard earned cash all over the interweb and does in fact, convert your hard-fought-for leads into loyal, returning customers – is firstly and foremostly about developing natural, mutually beneficial relationships that can last. And the starting point for that of course is…


Gif from Donnie Darko "Your weird"

😱 Oops, sorry, no, of course, I meant to say: understanding.

Creating an Avatar to reveal the perfect customer for you, is the first vital step in developing that understanding, and the next vital steps to creating not just an Average Avatar, but an Awesome Avatar are laid out in Today’s Customer Avatar Action Guide.


Here’s the link again: First Steps To An Awesome Avatar


Check it out now so you can begin pulling together your own Awesome Avatar, make a new – non-imaginary – friend and then you won’t have to die alone.

Gif from Donnie Darko. The big kiss scene.

The clock is ticking…

Gif from Donnie Darko. Countdown scene.




PS: And there’s more… 

An Average Avatar ‘made up’ of basics and demographics, may level the playing field with most of your competition, but if you’re in it, to win it – you need an edge. Look out for Part 2 of the Avatar creation process: 3 Steps To An Awesome Avatar, which reveals how you can get that edge and transform an Average Avatar into an Awesome Avatar.


Question: What do Martin Luther King and The Spice Girls have in common? 

What’s that? The Civil Rights Movement opened the door to Girl Power?

I wouldn’t know about that. But what I do know is that they both – along with Larry David & Little Britain – lend a hand demonstrating the benefits of today’s Awesome Avatar Action Guide.

Check It Out Here


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