E17. Level 1 Review Part 3: Mapping The Customer Journey

How To Map The Customer Journey With The Awesome Avatar Backstories Process

Bulletproof Funnel Framework Level 1 Review Part 3


Mapping the customer journey with the Backstories Process is the third email in the level 1 review sequence, a sequence that optionally follows the main Action Guide Sequence to target only those subscribers that have not taken key actions, such as visiting/downloading certain Action Guides or made certain Tripwire purchases.

Specifically, this third email is only sent to those that have not visited Part 2 Of The Customer Avatar Action Guide or have not purchased the Customer Avatar Workbook.

The priority here is to review the benefits of the additional processes available with the Customer Avatar Workbook and to persuade the reader to take action prior to the next email.

There are also two optional click-thru actions here. Option 1: Action Guide Blog Post. Option 2: Workbook Landing Page. We can segment, who sees which link by making each link conditional on a tag being present or not. So, if the tag “1.4.2-blog-visit” exists, we present the Landing Page link, but if it doesn’t exist, we present the blog link. 


Screenshot from Active Campaign showing conditional content block

Active Campaign Conditional Content Block Set Up


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Is this our time?

Well, my take is this…

You’re here – reading this – because in the first instance, you were attracted to my Lead Magnet and I was able to create that attraction – in part – by developing the right kind of offer for you, with the right choice of words for you. However, to connect that offer in an effective, relevant and timely way, I had to have an understanding of what you might be looking for – at that specific time – so I could connect what I do in a way that made sense for you at that time.

With me so far?

But, if our timing had been off, you wouldn’t be reading this now. If my Lead Magnet hadn’t been in tune with something you were looking for at that specific time, you wouldn’t have given me your email address at that time, and it’s the same for every email I write to you, every Landing Page I create for every offer I make to you. If these things are not aligned with where you’re at; what you’re thinking, feeling, wanting at that time, we’d only ever be ships that pass in the night. 

But of course, I want more than that for us. 

I want more than that for you and your leads too (I’m not the jealous type). 

How about you?

My point is, to have a fighting chance of getting your target audience to sign up for your Lead Magnet, to get your subscribers reading any of your emails or ever having your day in the sun:  your offer has to be timely right?


And so, I hope this is the perfect time to re-introduce…


The Customer Backstories Process

The customer backwhat?

Oh, you remember, The Customer Backstories Process!

The Customer Backstories Process, is, in, essence, all about… you. guessed. it…



Learn How The Customer Backstories Process Works Here


It’s a simple process, that allows us to build upon what we learn from the First Steps Checklists to more specifically map the thoughts, feelings and motivations that drive every decision, at each step of our customer’s journey from problem-conundrum to solution-resolution.

This then unlocks the door to communication that’s not only more relevant, but also more salient. 

Which means you can then connect at the right time, in the right way (and you’re much clearer on what you should say). 

Which in turn, keeps things strategically and logically ticking along in a natural next step-by-step way.

Did I hear a hip, hip?


And so, if you feel the time is right for you to…

Develop more relevant, salient and timely communication with your audience in a mutually beneficial way. 

Join the dots between your customers problems, their journey to a solution and all the choices and decisions along the way.

Create copy that is truly congruent, really connects and actually converts…

Then, the way to get things back on track and moving in the right direction without further delay is to simply… 


Click Here So I Can Quickly Show You How The Backstories Process Can Turn An Average Avatar Into An Awesome Avatar




PS: The ‘more’ good news bit…

If you’ve been through the First Steps Checklist, then The Backstories Process should be really, quite easy to do. And you now have at least two days –  before the final part of this review is due – to get your Awesome Avatar knocked into shape and ready to put to effective, practical use in the next step: Creating Your Marketing Messages (which in turn will now be much easier to do too). Woo?


Check Out The Backstories Process & Avatar Action Guide Here 



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