How To Set Up Resend Emails In Active Campaign



How To Set Up Resend Emails In Active Campaign 

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This video explains how to set up resend emails in Active Campaign. We use email resends in the Bulletproof Funnel Framework as a backup, when an original email has not been opened (or delivered) within two days or so.

Unfortunately, setting up resend emails in Active Campaign is not quite as simple as it should be (or could be). A resend email has to be set up as a separate email, and that means making a copy to then set up independently of the original.

Resending emails is optional of course and it is extra work, so for this reason, we make it easy to skip over resend actions in our automations, just by adding the ‘no-resends’ tag. This may help, if you’re in a rush to deliver, as you can bypass setting resends up and then come back to it later if you wish. The ‘no-resends’ tag is also a very simple way for a subscriber to stop the resends if they find them annoying (rather than just unsubscribing completely).

I show two methods I use to set up email resends in Active Campaign here, each takes 5-10 mins to complete and so if you have a lot of resends to set up, it’s definitely useful to have a process like this to follow.

Free SOP!

We also have a Free Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available in Trello, Google Slides and other formats which list each individual action to take and check off – useful to get you started, refreshing your memory or if you want to delegate or outsource as a batch job.

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