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E07. The First Step To A Funnel That Converts…

When Love Is Not The Answer? Take The First Step To A Funnel That Converts…


This is the first email in the Bulletproof Funnel Framework Action Guide Sequence, a series of between five and seven emails, each with the primary intention of getting a click-thru, to its corresponding Action Guide Blog Post; which in turn has the core intention of getting the reader to download the Action Guide or Checklist as a PDF for keeps. Each email uses a similar format, beginning with an introduction intended to spark just enough interest or curiosity to get the reader to read on. Then, each email should whenever possible – although, admittedly I don’t always nail this as well as I’d like to – provide some kind of value; lesson or useful tip that also – ideally – gives a taster of what’s to come if they click-thru to the Action Guide.

Ultimately, we are preparing the ground and getting the reader primed, in the mood, excited even, to check out the Action Guide.

Anyone who enters this sequence has either made a commitment to at least begin the process (via a request in the intro sequence) or has made a purchase. Not everyone gets this far, but this means those that do, should, be much likely to open, engage and click-thru and so also less likely to unsubscribe or report as spam.

Each email is spaced out by 2-3 days to give just enough time for the subscriber to take some Action on the Guide, but not quite enough for them to lose interest, motivation, momentum or just plain forget about it all. The important point here, is to keep people moving forward. 

As this is the first in the sequence, we do have more expectations to set up and we discuss how Step 1: Define Your Core Product, fits into the broader picture of the foundational steps, hence the title “First Step To A Funnel That Converts”. 

You can, if you wish browse all the emails in this sequence here.



I have something I’d like to tell you…

I’d like to tell you I’ve got a good feeling about you.

I’d like to tell you, you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I’d like to tell you, I think you’re AMAZING.

But most of all, I’d like to tell you; I think… I LOVE you?

I’d like to, but I won’t do. Simply, because…

Apart from the fact you’d think I was full of poo, the problem I’d face is this:

A proclamation of LOVE is loaded with RISK. Yes, the upside may be a blissful walk in the park towards a happy ever after, but the flip side could be a fast-track to the dumpster and an existential disaster.

And we’ve all been there.

Or maybe that’s just me.


So, what’s LOVE got to do (got to do) with building a Funnel?



If you want to build relationships that last: timing matters. And if you want to build a Funnel that converts: timing really matters…

Let’s assume you have a good product-market fit (because you’re smart like that). You’ve got yourself a nicely optimised Landing Page with clear as crystal copy (now you’re cookin’). But, what’s this? Your oh-so cold website visitors are not banging that buy button into oblivion?

Why might that be then?

Perhaps you’re an eager Beaver? Perhaps you’re over-excitedly going straight for fourth base? Perhaps… you’re just coming on just a little too strong?

Gif of Larry David taking down his pants

Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

In which case, it might be time to take things easy; take it slow; put on some Barry White and go with the flow…

“There’s people making babies to my music.” 

Picture of Barry White and family

© The Walrus Of Love


Look Before You Leap…

Jumping straight in and asking someone you’ve never met – and don’t actually know – to buy your biggest, bestest, premiumest product is a bit like proposing marriage on Tinder. It’s a little too much, a little too soon, and it’s a good way to end up home alone on a Saturday night (or have no one show up for your launch party).

**Warning: Trite copywriting trope coming up…**

“But it doesn’t have to be this way!!!”

Because a Smart Sales Funnel can help you improve your timing.

A Smart Sales Funnel is simply, a systemised means of introducing yourself to new people and naturally, gradually building a beneficial relationship built on trust, respect and mutual understanding – with the added bonus, that you don’t freak them out by spilling your guts all over their laptop.

But again, maybe that’s just me.

Cartoon of 2 guys in office shaking hands with one saying: "We're burning 20 calories just by shaking hands. This relatiionship is off to a great start!"

The good news is: The Bulletproof Funnel Framework is a simple step-by-step process that will show you HOW to build a Smart Sales Funnel (and improve your timing).

So today, I want to take a deeper dive into the Level 1 Foundations and ask you to think about your products and offers as strategic stepping stones on a relationship building path that can lead to a happy-clappy ending for everyone.

A path that can help you plan your customer’s journey with clear sign-posts, basecamps, and strategic pins on a map.

A path that can help you present the right product, to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time.

And a path that although may be a slower, steady route, can also mean less bounces, more conversions, and a healthier bottom line over time.

**It’s a good idea to get a Call To Action (or at least a link) into the first half of the email, just in case they don’t get the end …**

Check Out Today’s Action Guide 3 Steps To A Killer Core Product Here


What Does That Mean In Practice?

Glad you asked…

Think of your Funnel in terms of a journey up a mountain, but not a journey you take alone. It’s a journey you take to “make friends and influence people”. The first job is to get your potential new friends on the right path **Hello Lead Magnet, you look good today!**, but you’re also the Sherpa and the Guide; it’s your job to get your new friends up to the Summit smoothly, naturally and without too many casualties along the way.

So, you’re gonna need a map.

And in the simplest possible terms, you create a map, not of the shortest possible distance (far too risky), but by the safest possible route (slow and steady), a route that helps build confidence and trust in your leadership along the way.

So, more Tortoise than Hare.

Cartoon of a tortoise & hare. Tortoise says "youre going down".

For additional safety, your map should include some vital, strategic ‘getting to know each other’ basecamps…

Basecamp #1 is the Lead Magnet – an opening free gift, that says “hello, this is me, and this is how I can help you today”. No cost, no risk. It’s all upside. So hey, why not?

Basecamp #2 is the Tripwire – which empowers the conquest of the next small leg of the journey and in turn makes the next move up, much less of a stretch. Big value and low cost, means big upside and little downside. Seems fair, right?

Basecamp #3 is your Core Product – the main event: this is where the heavy lifting happens (not saying your fat) this is the summit, where you get to take in the breathtaking vista and bond with a great big hug.

Larrry David says "I find human contact repulsive".


**We’re still at Base Camp #1 of course. And I’m helping you acclimatise to avoid altitude sickness later on.** 


Getting To The Point…

The point is, if you’re gonna put your trust in someone; if you’re gonna let someone lead you; and if you’re gonna  – let’s face it – hand over your hard-earned cash: you’re gonna wanna know what they’re all about, right?

Dilbert Cartoon about a plane crash on a mountain.

And that takes a little time, a little work, and as a wise man once said…

“A little patience…”

Picture of a young Gary Barlow in Take That in the nineties

© Ken Barlow

And another, perhaps even wiser man once said (I paraphrase):

“Every journey begins with a single step…”

Cartoon of wise man on mountain with sign: "please take anumber and wait".

© Lao-tzu

Which brings us neatly onto…


Today’s Free Action Guide: 3 Steps To A Killer Core Product

Remember, before jumping onboard I asked you to do one very important thing; to make a commitment to give it your best shot? Then you may also remember, I said the most effective way to do that, is simply to focus on the next step in front of you. Well, my friend; the time to take that step is approaching…

If you began this journey with the Level 1 Foundations Introduction you’ll know that was all about the what (i.e: what to do to ensure your Funnel is built on solid foundations). And of course the what is all very well, but…

If you want to begin moving forward without further delay; if you want to start taking action and get things done; if you want to deliver the crucial foundations that mean your Funnel will be built on solid ground and will attract an audience that will really love what you do, then…

You’re gonna need the all-important: HOW.

And so… Ta-da!

The HOW, comes in the shape of an inter-connecting set of Action Guides, Checklists and Workbooks specifically designed to help you define, create and piece together the foundations of your Funnel; that is: your Core Product, Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Customer Avatar and Value Proposition.

And so, the next step in front of you, is simply this:

Take 5 Minutes To Check Out Today’s Action Guide: 3 Steps To A Killer Core Product And Download Your FREE Checklist Now

This is an Action Guide that will not only help you quickly lay down a key foundation for your Funnel, it can also help you identify and clarify what your summit could or should be, which in turn will enable you to build much more relevant and effective base camps, which means:

That while perhaps not a complete walk in the park, your journey from cold leads; to warm subscribers; to hot customers and onto a big ol’ happy-ever-after hugathon should feel a lot less of an uphill struggle.

Which would be nice.

And of course, by taking these 3 Steps To A Killer Core Product, you also get to keep your commitment to yourself (to give it your best shot – right?) and that – after all is said and done – is really, why I’d like to tell you…


Just don’t get too frisky too soon ok?

Gif of a tortoise humping a plastic sandal

See you in the Park…



PS: And There’s More…

Although the main intention of Today’s Action Guide is to get you thinking more strategically about your products, services and offers, the ideas that come up during the process will also be really, really useful when it comes to developing your Value Proposition and Landing Page Copy a little further down the line.

I’ve tried to keep these Action Guides short and sweet, with most little more than a five-minute read. Take a quick look here and if it floats your boat, you can download the FREE PDF to use whenever you need to figure out, which of your product or service ideas really cuts the mustard.

**Note here, we also set up anticipation of the next Action Guide…**

And then all you need to do is keep a beady eye on your in-box for the next Action Guide: 3  Steps To A Killer Lead Magnet, which should arrive in 2-3 days from now. Here, you’ll see the benefit of ditching Lazy Magnets that attracts too many loser leads, in favour of Killer Magnets that go over and above to deliver real value and set the stage for stronger relationships and more loyal customers over the long haul.

**The timing of your next email is relative to the actions you – do or don’t – take. No action = a shorter wait (no point, right?), but if you do download the PDF you get a little extra time to consume and take action.**


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