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List Building Funnel Action Guides


Creating assets for a list building funnel is not complicated to do. Create a lead magnet, publish a squeeze page and you're off to the races - so the theory goes.

But for early stage businesses, building a funnel that is effective, i.e., attracts enough subscribers who actually pay you (before you run out of money, sanity or time), is not so easy to do.

And if you don’t have enough capital or resources to take an “if we throw enough shit some of it will stick” approach, then you have to be smarter - or work harder - if you want to break-even over time.

So, the aim of this series of list building action guides is firstly, to show how (emphasis on the ‘how’) a quality over quantity approach can help build a mailing list, that can deliver above average opens, engagement and sales - and help reduce costs over time.

And secondly, to share a range of simple processes and useful tools you can use to effectively, efficiently and productively deliver the quality assets your list building funnel will need to succeed, especially if resources are stretched and you can ill afford to waste time.

The money’s in the list. Trite Or True?

If all the big-time Charlie’s are saying it and their millions of followers are repeating it, then building a list to make money, must be the thing to do, right?


Here’s the thing…

If you take this trite advice at face value - you could also be setting yourself up for an uphill hill struggle, which ultimately delivers a loss-making fail.

Putting aside the fact that you probably don’t have gazillions of followers hanging on your every word (yet). You haven’t figured out how to cost-effectively get traffic to your site (yet). The more entrepreneurs, businesses (and spammers) marketing by email there is, the more challenging it becomes to get the attention of those most likely to open, engage and actually buy from you.

So your mailing list can, end up swallowing precious resources only to deliver a list of fat, flabby disinterested subscribers that force you to work twice as hard for half the results.

A hamsters wheel comes to mind.

A Viable & Profitable Model?

The truth is, email marketing can only be a viable and profitable model if it delivers…

Enough opens.

Enough engagement with your content.

And of course… 

Enough actual sales.

Low-quality traffic leads to low-quality subscribers who don't engage or actually buy stuff. Result being, each customer costs more, eats into more of your profit, which can contribute to your business becoming unviable in the end.

Not what we want at all.

And so, creating a list building funnel that’s actually effective (profitable in other words), requires the creation of many digital assets and multiple pieces of targeted content. Which, even if you have a team of talent at your disposal, takes precious time and resources to do well. And it’s even harder to pull off if you're flying solo and the clock is ticking of course.

But, you can put the razor blades away, because the good news is, you can do it, and do it well, if that is, you have…

The Best Fit Audience For You

The way to get more personal, more specific and more in-tune with your best-fit subscribers; the way to find prospects with least resistance to you; the way to attract clients ready and willing (and who love what you do) is…

Not to approach your list-building efforts as some sort of vanity-metrics numbers game, but to focus on attracting, then building relationships with, the very best audience for you instead. That’s the kind of audience that follows, listens, engages and is happy to stump up for your products, services or time. Simply because their needs match your deeds and they want to get moving a-s-a-p.

Did somebody say?

Easier to say to say than do perhaps. And so this series of list building action guides deals with the practicalities of creating the digital assets a quality-over-quantity list requires - with a balance of efficiency and efficacy front of mind.

Strategic Digital Assets Is Where It’s At

Strategically developing list-building assets built on foundations of specific audience targeting and relevant messaging, enables better understanding of what triggers reactions and motivates actions. And it’s this in turn, that empowers the creation of content that better resonates. Offers that are more relevant. And copy that clearly connects outcomes your audience seeks with value you can provide.

And for busy entrepreneurs like you and I, the key that can unlock the ability to do this most efficiently, productively and cost-effectively is strategic digital asset building. Unfortunately, delivering digital assets for a list-building funnel that’s more quality, than quantity, does take time, money and resources to achieve. And given that funnels only work, if the maths work, it’s easy to come unstuck - if you deploy those resources inefficiently.

Lucky for you then, the forged-in-the-field processes and tools that take pride-of-place in this series of action guides…

Can help you get things started quickly.

Can reliably guide you towards delivery.

And can do so, with a balance of efficiency and efficacy, which, if I’m honest, has sometimes been lacking, as I’ve worked towards my own - often self-imposed - deadlines in the past.

But not anymore I’m happy to say…

Sanity Saving Processes Borne Of Necessity

A challenge of designing, creating and connecting all digital assets for a funnel yourself, is it can require a deep immersion in a particular skill category over a lengthy period of time. Not that the immersion itself is a problem per se - this after all, is where progress is made. The re-emergence and accompanying re-calibration to a very different task - you may not have thought about for a while - is where the problem lies.

When I’m working on a funnel, I might, for example, be writing copy for several weeks, before switching to designing a PDF. I could then find myself setting up email automation, editing videos or building landing pages. Then moving into a testing, tweaking and optimisation phase - before starting the cycle all over again. A lot of hat switching, which without some care and attention, can end up hurting your head.

Of course, based on previous experience, I always ‘knew’ I could deliver what’s needed in theory. But the reality of these skill-set reboots was too much time spent wracking my brains, searching my hard drive and reviewing past work for reminders of “how I did this or that last time”. Time and headspace that really could have been put to better use.

So borne of the necessity for more efficiency during these times, I resolved to begin the process of documenting (my processes that is). Aim being, to provide a safety net of quick reminders, starting points, templates and checklists that could be relied upon to help me get things moving swiftly, utilise my time productively, and also - save me some sanity.

Sharing Processes & Tools For Quick Starts, Prompt Finishes & More Effective & Efficient Working

Result being, I now do have simple, logical and reliable processes and tools at my disposal. And I do now get things started, delivered and done, with more consistently effective results.

Customer Avatar? I have a process for that.

Lead Magnet? I have a process for that.

Squeeze Page? Yup, I have a process for that (and pretty much every digital asset an effective sales funnel requires as well).

And while that might well all be very nice for me, it might also be quite useful for you too if...

1. You're taking a DIY approach and find yourself stuck or wasting time and resources, then these processes have been designed to help get you moving in the right direction sooner rather than later and with a minimal amount fuss.

2. You don't have the time or inclination for a DIY route and you're considering delegating the work, then sharing the approach, processes and tools I use, can provide you with insight into how SAS products and services work before you spend a bean.

The SAS TOFU List Building Action Guide Series

While it is my intention to expand this first list building action guide series into a full funnel course over time, for now, the most obvious and logical place to begin is with the basic foundational elements. These are the basic digital assets needed, to begin building an effective quality-over-quantity mailing list.

Specifically then, this series of - free for now - action guides includes…

  • The foundations of a Awesome Customer Avatar (not just any old average avatar)
  • The foundations of a Strategic Lead Magnet (not just any old lame magnet)
  • The foundations of a Squeeze Page with an above average conversion rate (not just, well - you get the idea)

All of which include simple to follow processes, designed to help you...

1. Clarify what your target audience most cares about - to ensure your copy, content and creative resonates enough for them to take notice of what you have to say.

Which is where creating a Customer Avatar comes in.

2. Strategically connect the value you can provide with an outcome your audience seeks - opening the door to a positive first experience which also moves them closer to where they need to be.

Which is where creating a Strategic Lead Magnet comes in.

3. Better understand the thoughts and feelings that trigger your audiences reactions - so you can create copy that drives the actions you want them to take.

Which is where creating a Conversion Optimised Squeeze Page comes in.

And so, each part of this series can not only help you gain insight into how customer targeting, conversion optimisation and conversion copywriting can enhance and optimise all the messaging, content and communication in your list building funnel…

They can also introduce you to some pretty nifty ways to deliver the kind of digital assets it takes to build a quality-over-quantity mailing list as you go as well.

Which might be nice.

And so once you've registered and logged in, the links on the first section of the menu to the left will take you to the actual action guides, acting as primers of what needs to be done. Then the resources section follows with checklists and workbooks designed to help you do what needs to be done, along with links to related content as well.

If you’re starting from scratch or just not sure where to begin The Customer Avatar Process is the foundation all the others are built upon, which makes it a very logical place to begin, but feel free to jump to wherever's best aligned with where you're currently at (or want to be).

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Alternatively, if you have to dash or the timings not quite right, you can also…

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Modern technology eh?

Marking each section off as complete as you go, tells us you where you're up to, which then allows us to send you content most appropriate to your next step (and avoid sending info on stuff you've already consumed).


SAS Blueprint (PDF)

A 10-Part Blueprint Designed To Attract An Audience, Build A Mailing List And Ascend Subscribers Into Customers Without Selling Your Soul.

Introduction To The Symbiotic Ascension System: Part 1: The Symbiotic Bit.

If you’re naturally attracted to helping, guiding and sharing what you know, this introductory series is intended to help you see that there might be an approach to marketing that is a better fit for you. It’s an approach that can help you move from 'thinks, marketing is shady' to 'accepts it and gets on with it', without resorting to any of the pushing, shoving and sharp-elbowing you may currently associate with online marketing - and you can do it by utilising something you’re probably already quite good at already...

About Me


In my 20's and 30's I was a DJ, I made music and I ran a record label. A mix of the creative and entrepreneurial which although suited me, but was not exactly financially secure. And so in my 40's I began to seek ways to make a living that would allow me to flex my creativity, while adding value to the world - without compromising my independence and autonomy - and also, ideally, help me, help those around me do the same.

And now, the way I do that, is by helping busy creative entrepreneurs, teachers, consultants, coaches and course creators with marketing, funnels, copywriting and content. And that's simply because, I believe, these are skills that have the power to unlock both online businesses growth and positive, personal-growth for both myself and those I seek to serve.

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