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Welcome to this series of SAS action guides, checklists, tools and resources currently available free for subscribers. The introduction - which is free for all - explains more and if that floats your boat, there's a link at the end, from which you can subscribe to the mailing list and get immediate access here (and/or have highlights drip fed by email as you prefer.

Enjoy. But more importantly, use the information, tools and guidance here to help you take action. Get started. And get your list building funnel done.

TOFU Action Guides

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The aim of this series of email list-building action guides is firstly, to show how (emphasis on the ‘how’) a quality over quantity approach can help build a mailing list, that can deliver above average opens, engagement and sales - and help reduce costs over time. And secondly, to share a range of simple processes and useful tools you can use to effectively, efficiently and productively deliver the quality assets your funnel will need to succeed, especially if resources are stretched and you can ill afford to waste time.

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The aim of a Customer Avatar is to bring together “all we know and understand” about our ‘Perfect Customer’ into one handy reference document, so we’re equipped to create copy, content and creative that actually connects with our target audience. But crucially, it’s also a tool that unlocks the ability to build the foundational steps of our list-building funnel in the most efficient and effective way. And that’s firstly because, the better you understand what your perfect customer wants, thinks and feels, the better your email opens, content engagement and actual sales are likely to be.

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Average catch-all lead magnets lead to bad-fit subscribers and bad-fit subscribers means that if your first few email’s don’t immediately grab attention and resonate - they'll simply unsubscribe and wave bye bye. Unless, that is, you have process to help you develop the kind of opt-in offer that can deliver a more engaged and profitable mailing list over time...

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Your squeeze page is a little landing page with one big job to do: persuade your visitor to subscribe to your mailing list, meaning it has to quickly connect and clearly communicate that clicking and subscribing are actions well worth taking. That requires clarity and focus and we achieve that, by gathering the information that matters most, into one handy reference document first…

TOFU Resources

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Think of this Four Part Customer Avatar Checklist Set as a ‘research roadmap’, a route to ‘what you need to know’, a starting point for your own ‘persona questionnaire’ and the first steps towards transforming any abstract ideas you might have about your target audience, into more tangible, living, breathing human beings you can then get to know, understand and empathise with. And once you’re on your buyer’s wavelength; once you can speak your client’s language; once you can communicate what really counts for your customers, then your copy can come to life for your core audience in a way that allows something quite magical to happen…

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Lead Magnets are everywhere right? So, if you want to set yours apart; if you want to deliver real value; and you want to land yourself leads that will last – then you need to forget the Vanilla Magnet and get yourself a Killer Magnet. This simple 3 step Lead Magnet Guide & Checklist will show you how…

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This 5 Part Checklist Set utilises tried & tested conversion optimisation best practices to provide just enough detail, insight and quick wins to get your conversions and list-building moving in the right direction (without adding loads more work to your plate). It does this, by focussing on what’s actually important; relevant; and salient to your target audience, so you can deliver clear, succinct, value driven messaging that quickly connects (and which in turn, leads to more engaged subscribers, more potential buyers and a healthier bottom line over time).

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The bad news is the Welcome Email Action Guide is a work-in-progress, the good news is, you can get access to the free PDF checklist here...

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In my 20's and 30's I was a DJ, made music and ran a record label. A mix of the creative and entrepreneurial which suited me, but not exactly financially secure. And so in my 40's I began to seek ways to make a living that would allow me to flex my creativity, while adding value to the world, without compromising my independence and autonomy and also help those around me do the same.

And now I do this, by helping busy solo-entrepreneurs and course creators - much like myself - with funnels, optimisation, copywriting and content. Simply because, I believe, these are skills that have the power to unlock online businesses growth, while also perpetuating positive, personal-growth possibilities for the people we seek to serve.

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